Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here is me, in this mundane world, hoping and wishing for titanic adventurous miracles to happen- for a Godzilla to walk through the streets (I know- a lot of people’s lives might be destroyed, but what the hell!), or a meteor shower with a space ship from Krypton (a lot of meteor freaks might emerge, but it could be good entertainment!), or a volcano to erupt somewhere close(I know- I am turning into a sadist!), or for me to by-mistake slip into the volcano’s crest to reach the center of the Earth (hey! I am not all that graceful, you see..), or find a car which would take me to the past/future at 88 Km/Hr (yeah yeah, highly unimaginable, but I can still hope, right?), or for me to walk through a closet into the monster world(alright! I am not as small or as cute, but I am not scared of ghosts either!), or the queen of Genovea declaring me to be the princess of genovea, the next heir to the thrown :P( I so wish even more for the handsome romantic duke), or for me to discover that I am actually a witch, and get an invite to attend schooling at Hogwarts( fine! I might be too old for school.. but it I can still learn to use a wand!), or fall in love with a vampire(then, life wouldn’t be more exciting!!) , or for me to discover that I had a special ability(may be the healing power :)), or for atleast Kolangal/Kalasam/Solla than nineikiren/Kasthuri to end(Like that’s gonna happen!!). Sigh.. There is no limit to what a person can dream, now is there?!? But hey! Don’t get me all wrong! I am not a terrorist, wanting to hurt people. Just think that I could use some real adventure and some excitement in the world! That’s all. :)


  1. Psycho! LOL! :D

    But, Bingo! :D

    It will be very adventurous if all that happens, without the expense of human life.

    If I had to add to the list, I would say,
    I want to marry deepika padukone / priyanka chopra.
    I want to be invisible whenever I think.
    I want to fly.

  2. LOL!
    Handsome romantic is so overrated.

  3. nee nerya pera savadikkara ideala irukaranu nenaikaren. venam archu.. paavam ulagam. :P

  4. Gawwwd, what problems and wishes people have in this small life ? LOL !!!