Monday, January 26, 2009

Death Race

Saw Death Race movie on big screen yesterday! A one-time-great-watch movie, like say 300 or something like tat. OMG!! I was so damn impressed by tat movie( I know it was a remake from the 70s)! What I admired the most is the attitude of the hero. But then most of the people in film seemed to be overflowing with it anyways, n the hero was no exception. Worse; I felt so ashamed to ride my CYCLE- tat too a LADY BIRD back to my hostel just because I have done no crime, when those criminals got to drive such hi-tech cars! Man! What a talent!(assuming such car-drivers do exist, since I m not a very great follower of F1) I know! I know! If I were really there, I would have died long before the race had even started! :P But lets see what I am in my next life!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life without background music

Watched Slumdog Millionaire a day or two before, mainly coz I really had nothing else to do in life! :) Well.. I liked the movie very much, in general. Swinging back & forth between the past and the present, it was really very impressively taken, such that everyone could easily understand. The only other two movies I can think of with this past-present sway are Alaipaayudhe(Saathiya in Hindi) and Ayudha Ezhuthu(Yuva in Hindi), though both had their own unique styles.

In this movie, I was really moved by a few scenes- like the one where Jamal’s mom screams for them to flee, where the younger bro invites the little wet girl into their shelter, the scene where Salim saves his sibling from ‘eye removal’ and the ‘third musketeer’ gets left behind, the one in which they kill the villain n save the girlie, when Jamal meets Her in a bastard’s place, when they ‘almost’ meet in the station- MAN! I just loved every damn scene after that! All till the end when He crosses 3 platforms & 2 tracks and finally reaches her and pulls down the dupatta from her head and when she shyly looks down, all with that melodious ‘Latika Theme’ running in the background… OMG!! Seriously!! Can a guy love a girl so damn much?!? I mean normally in Bollywood movies, the love story is between a heroic manly well-built hero and a fair skinny beautiful (in most cases atleast) made-to-look-damsel. But in this movie, the girl didn’t look all that pretty and the hero looked like the thin puny guy-next-door! Anil Kapoor’s sarcasm was enjoyable in many places, but a little too exaggerated in a number of scenes. But Jamal could easily become ‘the guy-of-dreams’ for many, I am sure! But Cindrella tales don’t exist in real life, do they?!?

But A.R.Rehman’s mesmerizing music throughout the movie, especially the last scene, made me feel that we miss something really important and beautiful in life- a background music, appropriate for each and every thought, feeling and the passing moment. Just imagine how more colorful and musical life would be!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A picture-perfect morning

Today, I woke up with a wide smile on my lips. It is raining after a really really long time- the first after the long period of bitter cold; and there is a break in the clouds, through which the warm rays of the sun are flowing down to earth. The climate here today is so beautiful, so gloomy yet so delightful, and the place itself is so wonderful, so colorful and marvelously picturesque with a few peacocks dancing(well, actually just flapping their wings & feathers n circling, and coming in the way of people who are walking or running late to classes, and the peahens actually seem to run away scared! :P). And here I am sitting on my bed, cozily snuggled under two quilts, drinking hot tea, not thinking or worrying about anything, looking outside (and yes, typing in the side too :P), wishing this romantic moment could be paused and a ‘5-D snapshot’ (1st ,2nd & 3rd dimensions being x, y & z co-ordinates, the 4th being time and 5th being my state of mind) could be taken, digitalized and saved. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to heaven

Well… here I am, back in college campus for this semester- my last semester in the prestigious institute BITS, Pilani. In train, my bay was filled with weirdoes! All of them! A guy in early 30s braying all the time, a 50 yr old who played really loud masala music from 7am apparently to keep us entertained and kept ‘trying’ to help me, an uncle who kept boasting about his profession related to film industry n all, a kiddo who loved plugging his ipod into his ears and singing aloud, 3 middle aged freaks in the next bay who kept staring at me all through the journey (to such an extent that twice I went to the bathroom to check in the mirror if something was stuck on my face!), no no- 2 were staring, one was infact glaring for some reason; a couple of romancing teenagers who slept together all through the journey- no they never came down from the upper berth unnecessarily, grandpas sitting below who were frowning on them, and a huge bunch of muslim-orthodox uncles in the bay on the other side of mine who played urdu prayers most of the day and took turns in doing namaz in the small place. On the whole, the journey wasn’t remotely pleasing, a lonely 40hr day train travel (delayed due to dense fog), then a bumpy tiring 8hr bus journey from Delhi to Pilani, with a bloody cold climate and fog so thick that I couldn’t see my own hand when I stretched it out, n the bus was running at the speed of an old man walking with a stick!! I finally reached the campus and the one n only Meera Bhawan (the only girl’s hostel) to find that someone else was already in the room allotted to me! Then it was about 10.30pm when I managed to convince my warden that the room was occupied n that I was roomless on a bitterly cold night and all the issues were sorted and I was given another room. Then I went to C’Not and packed some food n came walked back with a friend, and it sank in my head- I was finally back! It was so peaceful, so blissful, so wonderfully calming to be walking through Shivji! I missed the place so damn much! The next day I went to the institute and there it was, standing as majestically as ever- The Clock Tower! It was as if I had never left! The registration was very simple since I hardly had any courses. But I did meet a number of old friends n juniors, who on seeing me, came over n enquired about my PS. Well, I was glad I was wrong. I did have a lot of friends here n I shall make new ones too. But yes, it wasn’t and will never be the same without my old friends. I am sure it is going to be different in every aspect. Nevertheless I have decided to enjoy my psenti-sem to the fullest possible though 522, 588, 454, 785, 448, 183, 351, 096, 536, 003, 256 will all surely be missed.