Monday, January 26, 2009

Death Race

Saw Death Race movie on big screen yesterday! A one-time-great-watch movie, like say 300 or something like tat. OMG!! I was so damn impressed by tat movie( I know it was a remake from the 70s)! What I admired the most is the attitude of the hero. But then most of the people in film seemed to be overflowing with it anyways, n the hero was no exception. Worse; I felt so ashamed to ride my CYCLE- tat too a LADY BIRD back to my hostel just because I have done no crime, when those criminals got to drive such hi-tech cars! Man! What a talent!(assuming such car-drivers do exist, since I m not a very great follower of F1) I know! I know! If I were really there, I would have died long before the race had even started! :P But lets see what I am in my next life!!


  1. Ennamaa aachu unakku ???? :(

    (What happened to you ???) :(

  2. its was so-so..
    the ending left a lot to be desired.

  3. :( have no clue of the movie..but if u tell me its about "death" no one can beat me in my race away from the movie ;P

  4. @ vivek: a lot to be desired huh?!? ;)

    @ verbivore: it wasnt abt death. but yeah.. it did have a lot of blood spill.. but somehow i enjoy it. i loved FINAL DESTINATIONS series, 300, LOTR series, MATRIX series n now death race too!! in all these movies, the leading male characters r just the types i would love! i like men being ... hmm.. how to put it.. manly n chivalry, with attitude, commanding respect n.. well.. radiating power n authority. i m not the type of girl who wud submit myself to serve him though- i m a huge feminist myself.. but in the end, i wud as a lady, want my man to lead n protect( mind u, not over-protect) n bear responsibilities n be a gentleman. is tat too much to ask??

  5. Jason Statham is that hero with the attitude. Watch his Transporter movie...I am sure you'll be transported to another world :)

  6. @ chriz: lol WAT?? it wasnt funny.. was jus invigorating!! :P

    @ varun: oh.. i'll watch it some day... me jobless neways..(in d literal sense too.. :P)