Monday, February 2, 2009


Pain.. is when some stranger standing in front of you gives some bloody bullshit reason popularly termed as RECESSION, but really tells you that you are just not good enough, after the 5 years of battle with huge books and numerous tests and useless assignments and meaningless projects. But what is even more depressing is when you have to tell yourself that may be he is darn right and that you ARE not good enough! Oh! Don’t give me that crap on optimism, confidence, hope and all that! It would be really easy for people to spill words of consolation to boost confidence and all, but its just not the same- standing in the battle field, and talking about it watching news on TV. Most of the times, the so called ‘great-people’s sayings’ n ‘motivational quotes’ don’t even make any sense. They just seem like Joey’s thesaurus words! These quotes irritate you so much when uttered at the wrong times, that you would want to kill the person who says them. Anesthesia is given before any painful invasive process to numb the sense organ(s). Pessimism is a type of anesthesia too. It is way easier to face a series of rejections shamelessly and digest the screams of one’s inner self with pessimism and negative attitude rather than hope and optimism. Damn all those right decisions that went wrong! Talking about wrong decisions, I wish I were born two years before or two years after! Being born when I actually did- man! What a disastrous decision(just not mine) that was!


  1. IT world will be back in action.. dont ya worry.. every batch has their + and - ...

  2. yes. surely in an year or two. but at that tym, it'll be again after the then-fresh grads. it has always been tat way! all of this recession is just a hand-in-hand strategy together by all the MNCs to create a huge demand of jobs, and then hire people for unimaginably less pay and earn more profits by cost-cutting over tissues! tats all!

  3. It will always be better before it gets worse. :D
    Lets hope this was the worse part!

  4. Hey buddy... Chillax. I can quite understand. Dig this - mera training kab ka hogaya. But since, no whiff of that elusive appointment letter.

    Just grit and bear it. Life comes a whole circle. So has this *recession*.

    Good luck!

    Peace. Be well.

    And get a load of this word verif - depress! :D

  5. antha pic lla iruntha figure super ah irundha.. :) ...(btw i wanted to say 'be positive nd everythin ll turn arnd ' but so many other ppl wud ve said it 2 u nd u ll feel like screamin @ me if i say tht again.. thts y am not sayin it.. )

  6. I dare not tell anything to console you ! I dont want to die soon.

    So I have only three words for ya :

    such is life !

  7. Yeah the economy is pretty much screwed right now and the scary part is tht noone knows when itll improve. predictions range from mid 2009 to well into 2010. the current batch of freshers do have it tough but ppl from the 08 batch who may get laid off will b in a bigger mess cos nor will they have enuf experience to qualify as professionals nor will they b considered freshers in a few months. But i think ppl who r in a worse scenario are ones doing MS abroad. Theyre stuck with virtually no funding or jobs after having spent heavily to get there.
    Sad thing is none of the nobel-prize winning economists and wall street analysts had any clue that this was coming on such a large scale(except krugman ofcourse).This recession caught everyone by surprise. Just as how noone could predict its arrival im sure none of the predictions of its departure might be enitrely true. The recession may very well go away sooner thn expected.

  8. nothing frm me abt "IT".. bt on the content.. its so true..
    i actually hav been wanting to write smething like this.. bt a diff content.. i really hate it whn ppl say.. "didnt i tell u this ll happen".. whn whtevr has happened has already happened.. wht s the point??

    neway.. well expressed! n i know exactly hw u d hav felt as u wrote it..

  9. What goes around comes back around!

    (totally understand what your going through..thanks for posting this :D)

  10. @ vivek: sure hope so! :(

    @ kartz: thnx! n good luck to u too! :)

    @ viki: good tat u didnt say it!n abt tat fig, will sure give u an intro to her some day! ;)

  11. @ vimal: true- unfair by all means,- such is life! but good tat u got out alive! :P :P

    @ ulaganath: somethings can never be predicted by us humans buddy.. tats y we shud have had Professor Trelawney wid us. she did predice the rise and end of Voldemort!! :D

  12. @ mat: yea female! i hate it very much! neways.. thnx! :)

    @ utav: :) u r welcome.. i guess?!? but its been horrible here. it is so damn difficult to face d profs!!

  13. no positive thinking gyan..
    jut sharing a talk i had with my manager today..
    he asked me to forward as many resumes as possible..and to that i asked him y wud he want to recruit during recession..
    his answer was - when else do u think such a great talent pool would be out there for you!

  14. @ verbivorehere : well kudos to ur manager.. !!! never lookd @ recession from this angle...really out of the box thinkin.. but one thing s for sure.. if everyone starts thinkin like ur manager this recession ll be over in no time... letz hope for de best..!! nd thanks for post.. :)

  15. how wud that have helped? having born 2 yrs hence or before i.e?n agree with wat u say abt pesimism..its a lot easier tht way.lowering expectations.the whole recession crap reminds me of a lesson we had in 11th std..some lunatic orders two rolls royce and then the whole economy start booming..remember?

  16. @ verbivore: oh.. thnx a lot! tat does sound a bit encouraging. :) it sounds nice to hear wen u/ur manager put it tat way. :)

  17. @ data: if i had been born 2 yrs b4 or after, i wudnt habe to be right in the recession pits, now wudnt i?? if i had sat wid myla n sorini or our immediate seniors n all, or if i were to sit wid the present 2nd or 1st yrites, i m sure the scenerio wud have been much more favorable.

    n hey.. yeah.. now tat u mentioned, may b we students shud start giving orders of 2 rolls royce per head.. d indian markets might really get to improve.. :P