Friday, April 23, 2010

And yet again

There was an incident that made my close friends think that I am an extremely sensitive girlie creature, which I most certainly am not. It was even mentioned in my write up while leaving the campus. The incident left me so embarrassed that I never went anywhere near doing it again, until today.

For people who have no idea what I am talking about, there is this sweet romantic movie 'If Only', which I happened to watch in my third year. My roommate was lying fast asleep on the other side of the bed, while I was happily watching it in mine, with my head phones on. The rest of my friends were all sitting in the next room gossipping away.

The movie was no suspense, highly predictable and I could guess where it was going and the ending too, within the first few minutes. I got so engrossed into the panic and desperation of the hero and his romantic ideas and his way of showing how much the his girl meant to him and everything, that by the end, I myself fell in love with him!

With his last monologue I was already in tears; and when she asked "Aren't you coming?" and he replied "Of course I am" knowing what was going to happen, and him covering and protecting her and actually dying for her.. I was weeping by then, uncontrollably!

I hardly realized that my roommate had woken up and was blinking groggily asking what had happened, and even my wingies in had come from the next room inquiring as to why I was crying. When they all saw that I was crying over a dead romantic hero, omg! They burst out laughing so loudly, that it broke my 15 minutes trans and brought me back into the real world.

All this while it has gotten screened a number of times in HBO, in Star Movies n all and I never even turned to that channel. I was that embarrassed! In fact, I have had it in my comp for quite sometime now. So I took a bet against myself, and decided to watch it and check out how mature and realistic I have become.

And to my greatest shock, the final scene this time, left me weeping only for 5 minutes rather then the 15 last time. Sigh! Apparently I am still quite unrealistic! But now, may be I can bet again next time, and end up not crying at all; Or may be never ever attempt watching it again!! :p

Monday, April 5, 2010


After the movie ‘Daybreakers’, I still wasn’t sleepy, though it was 12.30 in the night. So I started watching an episode of Bones, the one that started with a devil burning on the table in a church n all. The episode went on with the usual cool gross stuff and a psychiatric ward full of weirdoes. I wasn’t sleepy even after the episode, but decided to close the laptop nevertheless and tried to shut my eyes and brains. The AC was making such a noise and it was pretty cold already, so I switched it off and lay down in the dark silence, trying my best to go into my very own Pandora, when I heard a sound. It was a small hissing-squeaking sort of a noise. I got up to check if there was some insect in the room, but found nothing. So I switched the light off and rolled on into the bed, when the noise started again. It was growing bigger and was not continuous. I kind of got a little freaked, with my mind considering all sorts of possibilities from squeaky rats to snakes and switched on the lights to give a thorough inspection of the room, with the door open in case I needed to run out (;P), and yet I still found nothing.

I switched everything off again and cuddled back into my sheets, but the hissing sound kept bothering me. I decided to ignore it, filter it out and stop my bloody imagination from running miles. A few minutes later, it struck me. The darn sound was coming neither from some cricket nor from a rat. It was simply from the water bottle’s cap that was squeezed too tight, and was generating air bubbles at the cap rim. Damn you physics!! I simply got up again, opened the cap a little and the sound just vanished, and I finally drowned into deep deep sleep. :)