Friday, January 9, 2009

Back to heaven

Well… here I am, back in college campus for this semester- my last semester in the prestigious institute BITS, Pilani. In train, my bay was filled with weirdoes! All of them! A guy in early 30s braying all the time, a 50 yr old who played really loud masala music from 7am apparently to keep us entertained and kept ‘trying’ to help me, an uncle who kept boasting about his profession related to film industry n all, a kiddo who loved plugging his ipod into his ears and singing aloud, 3 middle aged freaks in the next bay who kept staring at me all through the journey (to such an extent that twice I went to the bathroom to check in the mirror if something was stuck on my face!), no no- 2 were staring, one was infact glaring for some reason; a couple of romancing teenagers who slept together all through the journey- no they never came down from the upper berth unnecessarily, grandpas sitting below who were frowning on them, and a huge bunch of muslim-orthodox uncles in the bay on the other side of mine who played urdu prayers most of the day and took turns in doing namaz in the small place. On the whole, the journey wasn’t remotely pleasing, a lonely 40hr day train travel (delayed due to dense fog), then a bumpy tiring 8hr bus journey from Delhi to Pilani, with a bloody cold climate and fog so thick that I couldn’t see my own hand when I stretched it out, n the bus was running at the speed of an old man walking with a stick!! I finally reached the campus and the one n only Meera Bhawan (the only girl’s hostel) to find that someone else was already in the room allotted to me! Then it was about 10.30pm when I managed to convince my warden that the room was occupied n that I was roomless on a bitterly cold night and all the issues were sorted and I was given another room. Then I went to C’Not and packed some food n came walked back with a friend, and it sank in my head- I was finally back! It was so peaceful, so blissful, so wonderfully calming to be walking through Shivji! I missed the place so damn much! The next day I went to the institute and there it was, standing as majestically as ever- The Clock Tower! It was as if I had never left! The registration was very simple since I hardly had any courses. But I did meet a number of old friends n juniors, who on seeing me, came over n enquired about my PS. Well, I was glad I was wrong. I did have a lot of friends here n I shall make new ones too. But yes, it wasn’t and will never be the same without my old friends. I am sure it is going to be different in every aspect. Nevertheless I have decided to enjoy my psenti-sem to the fullest possible though 522, 588, 454, 785, 448, 183, 351, 096, 536, 003, 256 will all surely be missed.


  1. Those numbers at the end...are they roll numbers????

    Nice post Archana. Im glad that you had such a train journey for we wouldve missed some great laugh !!

  2. LOL! n yes.. the numbers r the IDs of my close friends who r not here now.. :)

  3. Miss you too AV :)
    Hope you have an awesome psenti sem!

  4. Hey archana...
    Hop u have a swell time r a few things i want u to do..
    1. Go join DW after placements...
    2. take some audit course (if u r allowed to register)...
    3.act in an edc play (not the 1 min kuja-lifting roles)
    4.go psenti

  5. LOLest!
    1. u know abt me dancing n all! but lets c.. if i get a gud company n i feel i can do it at tat tym, i think i will! :)

    2. not reg for audit course(s). did think of taking german, but later took it lite coz i never was very interested in german. wanted to learn jap badly, but PKT took his wife along wen he left. :( so it wasnt offered.

    3. edc play acting- i'll c if its possible- will chk it out sure.

    4. yeah sure! right! i m one among the oldies here.. n u know tat i hav this stupid age criteria of atleast a minute older than me to a max of 3-4 yrs older than me only... n thr r hardlyne guys in these limits!! :(

  6. OMG u remember IDs of ur friends?? I struggled to remember my own ;P
    and hey for girls who travel alone..the journey is always ths crappy i guess!

  7. yeah.. in r college, id is everything. i generally remember the ids of some very close friends. :)

  8. I had somehow assumed that you've completed your studies and have started to work. Were you interning somewhere? Enjoy your psenti sem!

    Hello to all Khaidi number 522, 588, 454, 785, 448, 183, 351, 096, 536, 003, 256 :D

  9. well.. in a way i wish i were already working too.. (but only in a way- other ways i m happy to b a student.. :P)n a hi frm all my khaidi frns too.. :D

  10. Ah... BITS!

    Good luck with your final semester! :)