Monday, July 6, 2009

Anchored to misfortune…

HOPELESSNESS(Band)- Broken Tears in Solitude(Album)- Anchored to A Past(Song)

Recently, came across this band (not a very popular one though), and checked out its album lyrics. The songs might not be brilliant in English, but they do manage to convey their meaning. I found the following lyrics very poignant and significantly meaningful.


The curse of solitude
The sentence of distress
Lost tears that crossed me
With mutilated senses
Of hopelessness

Anchored to misfortune
Sighs of pain resound
The waits that enclose you
In the train of confusion
Sorrow never comes alone

Hesitate false steps
On a cracked ground
Anchored to A Past
Anchored to misfortune.


  1. I somehow never come across english bands :) I came across Kaminey today and absolutely loving Dan Ta Na :D

    But the lyrics of this song is definintely meaningful...

  2. And btw that header image looks cool...

  3. Never heard this song before. Do you have the youtube link ?? Or wait, I will find it out myself !

    Y so sad ??? Or is it just the song ??? Cheer up buddy !!!

  4. @ varun: i know.. thanx. i loved both d pics.

  5. @ vimal: no.. didnt find it in youtube.. but u r welcome to chk it out! n yeah.. loads of reasons to feel sad n bitter.. cant really think of ne to cheer up n all.. but oh well.. life goes on.. right?

  6. @ harini: sure hope so! jus hope i don end up like dharmalingam b4 it does! i really dont know wat i did to deserve where i am.. i never was too pious n religious, but God is not really helping me believe in Him right now! well, watever!

  7. band--never heard; lyrics--so so (read it as didnt understand); pics--awesome

  8. @ bhuvan: lol.. thanx(for d pics..) i loved them too.

  9. @ eye-in-sty-in: i know.. :) :)

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  11. @AV: plz go thru
    any comments welcome, preferably negative.