Monday, June 15, 2009

Trial and Error

Yesterday, a few of us friends met after quite some time. It was really very invigorating, to roam on the T-Nagar streets aimlessly, to gen-enthu crash into Naidu Hall for water and AC there, generally sit in there gossiping and pretending to be looking at the skirt collection, make a friend try out utterly ridiculous clothes in the trial room and take snaps, sit on the iron bench on the platform licking softie and cracking jokes about strangers and their clothes n all, remembering and quoting funny n stupid nostalgic incidents. I realized that my life had come to a total standstill, a huge mundane meaningless void.

I waited for a really long time in the terminus for my bus thinking all of this. I felt really mad at myself for having landed there, where I was, and told myself that I was the only one who could save myself from sinking further into the emptiness, and I simply HAD to spice up my life, at least a little bit for the starters. There were other buses coming in and going out, with school/college punks making a huge racket and climbing on the running buses. There it was right in front of my eyes, something I could do, or atleast try. I was as good as any guy, not too fat, not too old, and not too stiff either. So, I finally found a bus to get on, and decided to wait till the bus started and get on after that! Afterall, I was alone; no parents/sis/friends with me, who would tense/freak/snigger at my attempt. Even if I embarrassed myself, I would be only in front of total strangers who I might never see, like ever again! So… I did it! I mean, tried getting on the running bus.

First attempt: total failure. The first step of the bus seemed to be too high for my legs to reach and the hold was slipping. People had spotted what I was trying. Some loki perverts were cheering, while some adults were keeping a what-the-hell-is-she-thinking face.

But then, I heard my own voice in my head. “ What the hell female?!? How difficult is this? If you are going to fail at this, then you clearly deserve to be in the boring mundane void space for the rest of your life and definitely deserve to be in called ‘anty’ by tat one-year-old-neighbor-kid.” That was it.

Second attempt: SUCCESS!! Ruling out the wild appreciating cheers by some and highly disapproving frowns by others and the throbbing pain in my arms and nicely hit legs & toes, I completely succeed in getting into tat running bus!! :D Now this was something I had never dared to risk or never been allowed to do by the accompanying person. There! My life was not as mundane as I thought afterall!!

I came home, smiling widely, much to the pleasure of my parents. But I become conscious of the blunder and the painful after-effects of my ‘enthued experimentation’ only today, and got appalling feedbacks from various parts of my body. Every time I walk, my damned head now groans and says, “Awww…. That damned bus!! You knew I was blabbering, having stayed in the scorching sun for a really long time! Why-o-why did you have to listen to me?”

So I have decided 3 things:
1. I might be as good as a guy in most of the stuff, but getting on running busses is definitely NOT one of them.
2. My brain doesn’t die like in stroke when exposed to scorching sun for a really long time; it just tries TO KILL ME!!!
3. No matter how many gimmicks I do, that kiddo next door is going to call me anty nevertheless!! So might as well accept it and never let it come near!! :P


  1. ok here r my comments:
    1. u just hav to find something to do...u r getting too bore to hav tried that or too bored to cook up a story.
    2. not in any way trying to spoil the balance between man and woman, but u as a girl shud be more careful and stick with pretty girl waiting for the bus to stop thing.
    3. dont take my comments seriously. m getting bored here too.

  2. So whats the actual problem??? Is it because :

    1) you wanna be like a guy and do whatever he does? OR
    2) you think your life is too boring as of now and you need to do something like jump off a cliff to make it exciting OR
    3) you think that you are getting old ????

    LOL, I thought you were just a little weird :D :D

  3. footboard le erinathuku ivlo scene aa
    athum chennai bus le?
    avan avan train le thongaraan.

  4. ROFL!!!!
    getting on board a moving bus had a thrill long back when I was in old,.....
    OMG now I could old :P

    LOL at "aunty"..... :P hahahaha
    anyways enjoy :P

  5. hehe nice post...dont evr try to get into a running train the last 8 months iv been in chennai iv seen some pretty nasty accidents happen to ppl whove tried tht...

  6. Archana Aunty! This was easy :). Find something more interesting and exhilarating to do!

  7. @ bhuvan: naah.. i dont really like cooking up totally new stories.. i mean exaggerating small incidents a wee bit is no offence.. but totally lying is.. :P crappy.. i know!!
    n hey.. 'pretty girl waiting for a bus to stop' is wat i usually do.. n i've decided to stick to it in future too!! :)
    n hey.. stop being formal!! :D

  8. @ vimal:
    1. no.. i don wanna be a guy!! m extremely happy n proud to be a girl.. thank you very much!!
    2. yes yes absolutely.. its not like i havent considered jumping off my building.. only i dont think i wud die on hitting the ground.. might just end up wid fractures.. now tat wud not be ne fun!! tats y restraining myself!! :P

  9. @ data: scene illa machaan.. next 2 days.. kai kaal semma vali!! n adudaan solren.. avan avan thongaran.. aval aval thongala illa?? :P
    n if u r referring to urself, well.. nee ellam yaaru maa?!? ;D

  10. @ ordinary guy: enjoy being called anty?!? i really dont think so!! but sigh.. getting used to it n the boredom nevertheless!! :)

  11. @ ulaganath: .. hey.. it was something i had always wanted to try.. but wouls always be wid some 'sensible company' n end up listening to them!! was alone tat time.. so listened to my crappy brain.. but don think will dare to do it again!! :P

  12. @ varun: huh!?!?!? wat meaning? i m definitely younger than you!! hmph!! n believe me.. i have been trying to think of something or the other n i m kinda running outta things to do during the day time!!! :((

  13. Wow, careful - safety first. Hopping on to running buses is way way next. :) Anyway, congos on the successful attempt. ;)

    Anyway, good if you felt the adrenalin rushing whilst attempting. ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful time with your friends...

    Peace. Have a lovely weekend.

    I have been away for a while, buddy. How have you been? I guess you are back from BITS... Tc.

  14. @ kartz: yup! heavy rush of adrenalin alright!! :D
    n yeah.. noticed tat u were away.. hope everything is alright!!

    n yes.. me bk frm BITS.. though with nothing in hand.. not as much as a job thanx to d damn recession.. but hav applied in a no of places neways!! lets c..

  15. Crazy!! :)

    The first para is too good; holds good for boys too ;-) If its Naidu Hall for girls, then its the other dress stores for boys.

    On the valayosai-gala-gala-vena foot board event, don't give up. Try footboarding on slow moving bus :) Be happy that you didn't fall down and people in the busstop didn't rush near you to help by forming a circle around you :P

    Some idiotic moron might start "indha kaalathu ponnunga irukaangale....." :P

  16. hehe...nothing formal...wen i read this post, i only remembered santosh subramaniyam :D

  17. @ karthick: i really hate those 'idiotic morons'!!
    n abt me falling n ppl rushing to help.. yeah tat happens only in movies.. in real life, ppl jus look n dont bother helping n all.. might say out their opinions at the most! :P

  18. @ bhuvan: lol! hey.. i m usually not tat clumsy..

  19. @ bhuvan,
    LOL. Santosh Subramaniam comparison is too good ;-))

    I second it ;)

  20. rofl!! you are much better compared to me. I have had the dumbest moments in my life... I tried getting down from a moving bus.. and I jumped.. i landed straight towards a thatha.. and literally pushed him off a lil'.. damn!! how much scolding i got! :P

  21. Try jumping off a moving bus from the front door...if the people at the back are "helpful" enough, they'll probably think yu wanna get into the bus since yu'd be running....and pull you right back in! :D

  22. @ karthick: idu vera! seconding it seems!! I AM NOT TAT GOOFY!!!

  23. @ bhargavi:he he.. i did tat too once, though not intentionally.. fell off d ground n made a fool of myself! :P

  24. @ scorpia: lol!! cool idea.. but i have decided not really to try it again! :Pbut may b i'll try next in a train.. :D