Sunday, June 7, 2009

Girl Crushes if I were a Guy

Disclaimer: Male Chauvinist Guys and Anti feminists- Stay away from this post!!!! This post may contain a lot of exaggerated views, and is not meant to offend anyone.

Well, though this is a tag from Vimal/Vimala, Vimmu/Vimmi, I am definitely not entering any sort of a sex-transformation machine for this! As a girl its kind of easy to think from a guy's shoes, mainly coz- guys don’t think at all!! :P
Just kidding! But if I were a guy, then I would have been a Tambram guy! 8O!! Now that’s a disaster!!
Anyways, if I were a sensible tambram guy (again, paradoxical, as far as girls/sex/crushes/love-life is concerned.. I know!) But, Let me be the first of the kind, and think from a 'sensible Indian Tamil Brahmin Guy's' point of view.

Bipasha Basu- A tambram would mostly looove to gawk at such a girl on-screen only. He would blush and look down or look away and pretend that he just did not see her, if encountered with one in real life, and bitch about her attitude and exposure and 'slutty attitude' behind.
Priyanka Chopra-A Tambram would want the girl he has a crush on to be the ultimate hottie, wearing sexy traditional dresses, who is appreciated by all his friends, and who makes him proud even as an acquaintance.

Sania Mirza- a sportswoman, wearing short cute dresses, playing solo in front of raving audience, representing the country, lots of attitude.. Nothing more to say!

Genilia- Now this, I have no idea why! (Could give it to her cute bubbly looks though..) I haven’t come across even one tamil guy, who doesn't have fantasies about her! So if I were a tamil guy, I guess I too would fantasize her, probably because her characters are normally as dumb as a mcp and an antifeminist would like to think of a girl!

and 5th... gosh! I am running out of girls!! :P or may be I am just getting back to a-straight-girl-who-can't-have-girl-crushes girl again.. :D
Well, since I can't think of anyone specific, in general, I think a guy could and would have a crush on a career woman, in a suit, with loads of attitude and capability to knock him down and kick his ass, and yet smiles on his face and greets him with a charm! :P ( thought of this from a girl's shoes only, n not from a guy's perspective).

So, there you go Vimal.. your rescue card from my side!! :)


  1. vimmi?? LOL i like that... :D
    i like genelia and priyanka in the list best btw :-)

  2. Tambram and no Sada??? Nokku Sadave pudikkaliyo??? :D After Anniyans release, Sada was every tambrams dream girl!!

    Bipasha, Priyanka and Sania are my favs. You wouldnt believe, I used to have (still have) a huuuuuge crush on Sania.Sigh ! How I wish !!!

    Thanks a tonne for doing the tag! Two of them did and now Im back to my manhood !!!

  3. @ ashwathy: i knoww.. vimmi is nicer than vimala!! :P
    u know wat? may be we should start suggesting nice female names for vimal/vimmuu so that next time he hangs in-between or transfers to the other side, we can select one!! :)

  4. @ vimal: sadavaaaa?? eww some how, even the male-me couldn't have a crush on her.. not in a thousand years! but if u know tanbram guys who actually have a crush on her, then they are even greater wierdos than i would have thought!! :P
    n yess.. i know how guys feel abt sania!! seriously dude! as a normal-me, i dont even find her sexy! ( may be thats a good thing! ;P)

    n hey.. u better check a few times before conforming about your return! u might not want to mistake a few symptoms and destroy the machine! :P

  5. Sania gave her autograph to me... :-) And like a tam bram looking at bipasha, she refused to look me in the eye - was kinda sweet :-P

    You missed asin? and katz and neetu chandra? how about the swayamwar babe.... watz her name.... cheezy one?

  6. Got here from Ashwathy's. Now this is definitely how a guy thinks. :))))))

  7. @ eye-in-sty-in: wow! gr8 for u!! but seriously... do u actually think tat its sweet wen a guy refuses to look into ur eye n speak? coz personally, i feel tat it shows poorly of tat guy's guts and manners! :P
    n i hav never liked asin much either.. so the guy-me cudnt think of her as one in the list. n neither cud neetu chandra.. but hey!! i DID miss katrina kaif!!darn! :P

  8. @ solilo: thnx! n hey.. werent u d one who invented the sex-change-machine and put vimal into in-betweenie?!? kudos to you for tat!! :P

  9. kat was a real miss indeed! - To answer ur query, guy not looking at girl is not sweet - its wimpy... it was sania not looking at me that ws sweet :P

  10. this was so funny! u know a lot ov tam brahms eh? my favourite jokes are mallu ones. you know like the one about shy the mallu crossed the road? Ans : Zimblly :)

  11. I was wondering why u were talking abt tamabaram boys? Then i realised it was tam brahm!

  12. cmon....genelia is not dumb, she is childishly cute and immature but surely not dumb. now katrina kaif is dumb but not gds. [:'(]

    and sania??? i am not sure if many guys like her.

  13. @ eye-in-sty-in: totally with you on that!! :)

  14. @ yword: oh yeah! i know quite a no of tam bram guys alright, being a tam bram girl myself! :P infact tat is the reason why i know them so well, as to what disappointments they are, when compared to most other guys in d world! :P
    n hey.. mallu guys not tat shy.. believe me! i know a few of them, who are really decent and cool friends and far from 'shy'. :) but never heard of 'shy the mallu crossed the road' or Zimblly!! :D

  15. @ a.ra: lol.. it was mainly tam bram guys, and tamil guys in general too! :D

  16. @ bhuvan: 'genelia is not dumb, she is childishly cute and immature but surely not dumb'.. a typical answer tat i usually get from majority of guys!! :D
    n hey.. trust me! sania is a major fantasy girl of many! i know guys who are utterly crazy of her! n if u ask me why, the girl-me, that is d normal-me is obviously baffled too! but hey! guys are guys! they must be having their own reasons! n a few plausible ones, i have mentioned already! :P

  17. hehe evn i first thought u were tlking abt tambaram guys n i was wondering y u picked on tht one specific district :P

    yeah i know a lot of TamBram guys having a crush on genelia...but personally i have a huuuuuuuuuuge crush on Asin :P ....or maybe thts just cos im Tam-non-Bram :P ...

  18. Came over from vimals..... :)

    great list...... :) I sure like this list :P

    Thanks for saving Vimal/Vimala :P LOL

  19. @ AV "a typical answer that i usually get from majority guys" maybe bcoz it is rite??? anyway opinions differ...awaiting ur next blog.

  20. @ ulaganath: right! n hey.. a no of ppl including urself hav said tat asin could definitely have joined the list.. so dont worry! may be she wud make it into the-guy-me's next list! :P

  21. @ ordinary guy: lol.. saving vimmu/vimmi... my pleasure!! :)
    n hey.. keep visiting!! :)

  22. @ bhuvan: lol.. i guess u r right! i mean there could be a gr8 probability tat the girl-you may not like milind soman or tom cruise or brad pitt or Keanu Reeves!! :P

  23. "boys dont think at all" --> Too much of a conclusion :D

    Priyanka Chopra - Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes :)

    Sania - "...wearing short cute dresses.." --> Are they really cute? The apt word might have been "exposing / transparent / sexy" :P

    The last para is true :)

  24. @ karthick:

    --> "Too much of a conclusion" >> its all i have proof for!!

    --> "Are they really cute?" >> yeah.. i somehow didnt find those dresses sexy in ne way.. cute .. may be kinda.. but exposive.. definitely..
    but from the-normal-me's eyes, i think sania may even pass for cute.. but not sexy or graceful kinds.. :P ( oh yeah.. i may not sight-adichufy girls, but i do observe and form opinions!! :D)