Friday, August 21, 2009

Did I Scare Him?

Yesterday I went to a departmental store to get some domestic supplies for mom. My mom usually writes me a huge list, and since I really don’t know the difference between dals (thoram paruppu, kadala paruppu, ullutham paruppu etc all baffle me big time!), I usually handover the list of groceries to a helper in the store.

It is there that I saw Him… a cute guy with a cool French beard, picking up some snacks. I just looked at Him for a second, and He looked back, I picked up a few chocolates, and we both moved on in opposite directions. Then I went to choose soaps and my ‘private’ stuff. There was a mother and a teenage girl, arguing over which brand was better while mom was insisting her daughter to take Whisper. Gosh! Thank God my mom wasn’t this fussy in public over these issues! I would have to kill myself if I were in that girl’s position!

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice Him coming to the same place, to get His soaps and creams. Yes… creams. I saw Him take a ‘fair-n-handsome’ cream while I was holding my ‘girl-thing’, and before I could put it away, He saw me too, and blushed like a little girl, with cheeks all pink. I thought He might need His privacy and walked away to another section.

After collecting a few other things, I stopped near the razors to pick up one, and had the misfortune of running into Him again there as He was choosing a Gillette! Dear Lord! He turned so red on the sight of me with a pink razor, that I thought His face, neck even ears were just going to burst out! I have always thought that blushing guys look cute, but this was weird!
Before I carry on, let me tell you guys about a habit of mine. In places where I cannot talk or rather choose not to say things or voice out my opinions, I usually say it all inside my head, for my personal satisfaction.

So there He was, turning beetroot red, not knowing how to react, when I, without giving as much of a second glance, walked off without any botheration, telling Him off inside my head, ”Dude! Quit blushing! All women use Whisper and most of them use a razor to remove hair from hands n legs!! Did u really think movie stars were born hairless?!? Seriously, GROW UP! Having a good French beard is not enough, dude! You should also learn to act relaxed and at ease in public in such situations!!”

Finally, when I was standing in the queue in one of the counters with my trolley full, He came and stood behind me with His basket. The moment He saw me, He quickly shifted to a counter farthest from mine. Was He frightened?!? It certainly appeared so! But why? For having seen me buying a Whisper and a razor or for having been caught taking a fair-n-handsome?!? Or… did I actually say those things out loud? Oh NO! I didn’t! No I was sure I didn’t!

Well, I really have no idea what I did to scare the hell out of Him. But it sure was fun watching Him scoop His change and run out of the store clutching the bag like he was clinging to his life!!


  1. Hahahaha... LOL, ROFL, etc etc.. I simply cannot stop laughing. You scared the shit out of that poor VIP frenchie :)

    As a passing thought I would say, guys who've never grown up with girls around them or who've grown up in a conservative environment act this way.

  2. hey... oru payana suthi suthi site adicha... antha payan vekka padama enna pannuvan.. pavam... antha payan.. :P

    PS.. I am still waitin for ur comments on my AZ tag..

  3. Him He nu ithlla captital letters llam use panniruka.. as if u are refering to God Almighty

  4. hahahaha....u know u shudn't be hard on a guy... i mean he blushed ok...leave the poor fellow...first following and 'showing' ur things again and again and now 'dedicating' a blog to That person :D

  5. @ varun: tell me abt it!! dis guy might hav very well been an orthodox tam-bram! :P but i must accept.. it was ridiculously funny watching him act tat way!

  6. @ viki: naa onnum site ellam adikkala!! hmph.. udane ippidi en mela oru pazhi poda vendiyadu!
    wen a specific (unidentified/unidentifiable) person is referred to, him comes wid a cap H!!
    n dude.. even Voldemort was referred to as Him.. not only God!!
    n will chk out ur tag!

  7. @ bhuvan: helloo..
    1) me wasnt hard on ne guy!! me is a very very soft, tender, docile creature!!!!!
    2) me was NOT following him anywhere!! we just happened to run into one another at the wrong places at d wrong times!! THEY WERE JUST PURE COINCIDENCES!!!
    3) i most definitely DIDNOT show/intend to show him anything!! not even my chocolates n biscuits!! he was d one coming nosing around and looking at wat i was buying!! for d love of God.. IT WAS A DEPT STORE!!
    4)dedicating a blog.. yeah.. i guess i can take credit for tat one!! :P its the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is the whole incident!! :P :D

  8. have u heard the word 'serendipity' :P

  9. LOL, I did see a man running out of a dept store for his life. A moving bus hit him hard and he was taken to a nearby hospital !!! See, what you did to that poor creature!!!

  10. :D wow.. tht was funny... bt must say..
    ipdi site adichchu yaarum bayamurutharatha naan paarthathey illa! paavam antha pacha pulla! :P :D

    hats off to u! ;)

  11. lolz.....u scared him...

    we boys know everything, but never get opportunity to see u buying a razor or whisper. that's why we feel frightened out of sheer happiness ...kidding !!!!

  12. @ vimal: hmph.. i do hope he lives to gain more wisdom!

  13. @ mat: ohoy.. naa onnum site adikala!! naa chumma parthadukke ippidi avan odinana if he had just peeped into our college campus, he wud have died of massive heart attack!! :P

  14. @ adamant soul: yep! i sure did!! i sure hope u do know, atleast frm now.. so tat u dont run outta some other dept store!! :D

  15. Right from the 1st line to the last, I was smiling ear to ear, showing all 30.5 teeth that I have.

    Nice description of flow of events. As Varun mentioned in 1st comments, He must be a conservative guy.

    Just imagining, how a girl will react when she sees a Guy buying a pack of "C" ;-)

  16. you have answered your own question in the next post :) men will always be men , because they are men :):) yeah, offense intended to all men :):)nice light read :)

  17. @ kathick: thanx! :D
    n hey.. i dont think a girl or atleast me or my friends(for d sake of not generalizing..) wud react like tat or even flinch or blush wen a guy buys a box of 'C's. nope! wud jus think tat d guy is smart n precautious! :)

  18. @ preeti: thanx..
    n obviously, offense intended to all men! :D

  19. @ asit dhal: now did i scare u too?!? 8)