Friday, September 25, 2009

Who the hell are you?!?

When 2 people meet, there are 3 possibilities:

1. Neither of them know one another, in which case they just walk away without any problems (mostly, I think..)!
2. Both of them know each other and wish/greet/acknowledge their familiarity.
3. One knows the other but the other way.

The third case, I believe, is very common these days, and frequent in my life. At such times when we get to meet or are obliged to make conversation with someone who happens to know us, and yet are strangers to us, what the hell are we supposed to say?

Usually if it’s a relative and I can roughly guess who they are looking at the people around them, I fake an all-knowing-and-understanding smile and talk about general stuff, politely inquire their health/wellbeing and before I get caught, I get the hell out of there. In such places, the words ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ helps loads!

However, what happens if they just call out of the blue and you happen to pick up the call up? Or they knock on your door when you are alone at home and you open the door?

In the first case, I usually just ask who they are and then if they mock at me about not knowing them, I just make up stories like poor transmission or voice not clear or instrument fault or simply say that I was sleeping before the call!

In the latter’s case, what I tend to do is give a non-committal smile and look at them with polite, yet mild surprise. Smart people who can actually tell that the poor dear standing opposite doesn’t recognize them, they introduce themselves and all will be fine.

Nevertheless, there are also some stupid people, who don’t understand the mind expressions or gestures, and wait for US to initiate. I try asking them very courteously, “Uh.. hmm..Sorry.. But who are you?” Again, people with even a little decency tell who they are, may be some identification, explain some relationship or from where they are. The others, I guess, are just too dumb take the cue. Some (idiots) pose riddles, while others (fools) demand, ”Why? Don’t you know me?”

Now wait a minute! What the F do they think? If I had known who they were, WHY THE HELL WOULD I EVEN ASK’M? Such dumb acts only lower their own dignity and self respect, I say! And to these half-wits, I just can’t help replying with fake-patience-plus-light-sarcasm, “No… No I don’t! So, again, Who are you?!?”

If they still refuse to answer the out-right question, the only possible thing that can be done, is shutting the door on their faces to show that they were definitely not recognized and their dumb-wits were certainly not entertained!!


  1. great thinking... last month i went to a marriage... everyone was asking me that quest "don't u know me..?" i plainly replied "no!"... they again ask,"no? you don't know me?" I'd be thinking..."that is what idiot i said, don't know"... sometimes mom makes it a big issue that i don't know her mother's third younger sister's daughter in law's brother... great post...

    well I've been following you through... Its now that i get to introduce... raghu, Trichy...

  2. can't help the feeling...but how (why) come u r always writing negative blogs...i mean most of ur blogs are complaints, regrets, disappointments or arguments...cheer up gal...u dont want to be just complaining in ur 1 life.
    mentioning this bcoz someone made a similar remark abt me...just got me thinking and passing on the suggestion to u.

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  4. This happens too often. Sometimes the consequence is outrageous if it involves an arrogant person !!!

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  6. Do you remember me? :P LOL.

    Sometimes, I forget the name of my very very old time friends / very recently met friends. So, I ask "What is your full name" instead of asking "what is your name". Konjam decent ah irkum :)

  7. hehe.. even pretense is bearable to an extent..

    and then you have those who will make rhetorical statements like, 'now you are a big man, why will you remember me'.. ahhh, makes you feel like landing one punch on their face..

  8. @ pimpernel: thanx buddy..
    sorry for d late reply though.

  9. @ bhuvan: not really!! i hav written loads of 'positive' n funny ones too.. n to the negative ones tat u r referring to,
    well.. three main reasons:
    1)life isnt full of sunshines n butterflies..
    2)i m not a hypocrite.
    3)m going thru a rough patch of life.

  10. @ asit dhal:lol.. i know... tell me abt it!!

  11. @ karthick: of course i remember u!! nice tactic btw..

  12. @ sumanth suresh: lolest!! u shud probably reply saying yes sir.. m too busy in life to remember you! :P

  13. LOL, when this happens to me, I say : ooooooooo, theriyumeyyyy !!!! neengey.....and then either I call my mom or I start some other topic !! :D :D :D