Thursday, January 21, 2010

Queen of the Road

And yet again, its been quite long since I could write my heart out into my dear darling pensieve. The job takes up almost 3/4ths of my day, and the remaining 1/4ths goes off sleeping and in driving. Yeah.. driving my pep+. :)

Oh yeah… driving.. :) :) Even though my family has been in Chennai for quite sometime now, I used to come home for hols n drive the old scooty now and then, but actually driving for about an hour every day, is cool! Infact a couple of days back, the whole road from Cenetoph Road to Raj Bhawan was empty, with traffic police all over the place expecting some VIP. I was the only one on the entire road with no signals, all the police personnel stopping vehicles from perpendicular streets just to let me pass to keep the road free, and there I was riding alone, with all the police and people in sides giving me so much attention that I felt like the Queen of the road!! I was wooping with joy when the speedometer in my pep+ reached 80! IT FELT AWESOME!!!

There have been quite a number of such small small incidents, that I keep wanting to post into my pensieve. Infact I type the whole thing in my mind as and when they happen, just never get time to physically do it. Thanks to the really loong time that 'vlookup' takes for like a million records, I could type this post! :P

Just like millions of other Indians, work has taken over my entire life, it seems!


  1. Just like millions of other Indians ??? the rest of the world is hibernating kyaa ? :D :D

    and did any of the police guys salute you ?

  2. the rest of the world doesnt work like Indians do. Indians were born to slog (or so the rest of them think! :P)

    n naah.. they did not salute n all, but they did stop a number of vehicles to let me pass! :)
    they were like "ponga maa ponga.. nikkadeenga.." :D

    golden words! :)

  3. Welcome back Queen of the Road! Didn't know so many of my blogger friends were hibernating :)

    'vlookup' certainly needs some performance tuning :)

  4. periya maharani nu nenaipo :P

    on a more serious note.. who is the queen of the road here? u or the bike.. ;) i am guessing the police guys were awed by ur bike's looks and speed!

  5. hope ur grandm..... does not c this blog...Else she would surely warn u about ur driving....U see 80 kmph is too much for a girl on a pep...LOL

  6. You should have rode ur bike @ 20kmph so that you will have more road-time :)