Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

There is always a lot of excitement surrounding ‘the New Year’. Everyone wishing one another greetings and wishes, loads of offers, HOLIDAYS, special TV shows… It’s truly a great time. The one thing that really beats me is the usual (ridiculous) question that usually follows the wishes, “So, partying tonight? Big plans?”

Seriously people! Help me out here! One thing I don’t understand is what their very idea behind the question is. I mean what DO people do ‘specially’ on the New Year’s night that they don’t do in the other nights or in other parties that the party-buffs may attend, other than probably wish one another “HAPPY NEW YEAR”? I think the whole thing has become too hyped-up.

This weekend, being a 3 day weekend, one more question follows- “What plans for the 3 days?”

This question is even more maddening! I live in Chennai with parents, friends’ living with parents too, in places that are quite far from one another, sick bored of travelling. The only places that one can think of is eat-outs and restaurants where families/hungry-hostel-people would go, or spencers/city-center which has become a little too clichéd, or beaches (that are toooo far for the only few friends living in Chennai) or some local shopping places like in T-Nagar where we have already met a little too often and have nothing left to do there.

Well, honestly, I can’t seem to think of any other place(s) to generally go out here in Chennai, probably coz though this is my native, the main high-school and college days of mine n my friends weren’t spent here! Plus when living with friends in Bangalore or in Pilani, going out for fun or for time-pass or for food and entertainment and to avoid loneliness made sense. But now, being at home with a TV and more importantly, parents, meeting every weekend just to eat, or for time-pass when work is tight, or to avoid being lonely when you always have company doesn’t make any sense, especially when we all (friends) get to happily talk about every small detail of our lives all over the day through mails n chats.

This is why, the very question is sad bcoz it has no answer from my side! And yet, every known-unknown person walking past asks “Hey! Happy New Year! So what plans for the 3-day weekend? I m gonna Pondy with my gang with some bottles n glasses! What about you?” And I dumbly say “Uhh.. I don’t know. No plans yet/can’t think of places to go/don’t have a huge gang here/living with parents well… I might just have a quite weekend at home, I think. Happy New Year to you too!”

As I entered the house, my parents were right there, drowned deep into Sudha Raghunathan’s concert on TV; and I said to myself, “Here starts my New Year weekend.”
Oh yeah… Happy New Year you all!! Hope you guys have a great weekend and a great year ahead!!


  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. Great stuff on yours though!

  2. Wish you the happiest year ahead !!!

    and yeah, I dont understand the hype either !! my friends party every weekend and they say they have to party for the new year too !! I mean, what difference does it make, not even a change in the way they spell 'party' !! :D :D :D

    Glad to see you back in the blog world !! and you are in chennai now???? Thats great !!! Theres a chennai small time meet happening. wanna join?? I would be the only person you might know there !! But it would be fun anyway !! :D :D So game ?

  3. Hmmm...!!! I think i asked u the same series of questions the other day... I only hope that i was not the only person responsible for ths blog..!!!
    but one thing s 4 sure.. it s a good way to start a conversation on Dec 31st.....!!!! :P :P

  4. hehhehe. So, whats the plan for this weekend? :P ;-)

  5. @ prabhash: thanks! :) keep visiting!

  6. vimmuuu: thanks! n yeah.. m in chennai only.. n wats dis meet about neways? n who r d others i mean other than u going?

  7. @ viki: lol.. oh u weren't the cause..
    but a lot of ppl did ask similar Qs n tat sorta lead to the mild outburst. :P

  8. @ karthick: wtf?!? the same old answer!! “Uhh.. I don’t know. No plans yet/can’t think of places to go/don’t have a huge gang here/living with parents well… I might just have a quite weekend at home, I think." :P

  9. u know whats even worse....for atleast a week after the new year....every conversation starts with "happy new year"