Wednesday, December 16, 2009


When people lie right on one’s face, I just don’t understand how easy it seems to them. Coz for me, lying, with or without a valid reason, is extremely difficult! I am as pathetic as Joe Tribbiani(FRIENDS-season 9 epi 8) in lying!! Giving false reasons in the right places and hiding the right amount of facts from the right person or manipulating the truth here and there to serve some useful purpose, is still, may be at some level, acceptable and understandable and forgivable. But again, lying blatantly and shamelessly thinking that the person listening doesn’t know or wouldn’t find out, is highly dumb and cheap!

There were a couple of guys on campus who were well known to lie about marks and grades and how they were the top of the course when the whole mark list was displayed on the notice board and they were in fact, one among the last, and about how girls went fida over them when all the girls ridiculed them big time, and even about some imaginary girl friend back home… but these guys portrayed their character as dumb idiotic weak insecure and with a very high inferiority complex, and got black listed! But hey, they were just students, and they were obviously trying to get a girl by showing off, and even though they miserably failed at their purpose, they did actually have one!

And here is this boss of mine, an ex-boss from tomorrow, who has the talent of lying and exaggerating and manipulating the facts even without a purpose, just because he can! Now that is not stupid, that is sadism! I can hardly understand how someone about 30 yrs old, who in reality hardly works at all (though pushes his subordinates work even without lunch or dinner), can act so cheap and earn the disrespect and hatred of everyone around, and still be ignorant of the fact that, well, his secret- that he is a sadist and an egoist and knows much lesser than a no of his subordinates- is not really a secret at all!! Well, whatever. From the list of lessons that I have learnt in the past 6 months, the entire sub-list of how-a-team-leader-shouldnot-be comes from him.

When a truck loaded with sand comes in the wrong direction, it is the bike that should leave way and stand aside, or simply take another route avoiding the sand truck. Instead if the bike tries to go head-on with the truck just coz it has only mud or coz the bike is in the right direction while the truck isn’t, the damage is entirely to the bike and the people on it. The sand truck would have no impact at all, right?

In any case, I am glad I have finally gotten the opportunity to leave the highly unorganized road and take a much better way,a whole new direction, thanks to God-who-finally-listened/Luck-that-changed-at-last/Good-time-that-has-arrived/Hardwork-and-sincerity-that-eventually-paid-off.


  1. aaha.. we have an overflowing pensieve here .. :)

    What you say is true. In my experience though, i have seen this behavior in some girls. It is typical of those without any content. Self-esteem issues in life!

  2. not specific to girls...hav seen in a few guy friends of mine too.
    anywayz best of luck for future...some other ppl wud be blogging abt u in a similar fashion :P

  3. and just another thought...not in anyway meant to defend ur boss...several successful people have had heavy criticism from ppl close to them abt their ways and living.

  4. @ sumanth: lol.. dunno abt d 'girls' part.. but wid dis guy, more of an ego issue than self esteem! :P he is a history now! :D

  5. @ bhuvan: 1) i might be a lil' egoistic, but not critical or interfering or a liar or manipulative or a sadist. so m nothing like him.
    2) for wat i am, if ne1 blogs abt me, no issues at all.. its their opinion n their blog page! i dont think it wud bother me much.
    3) trust me- he is no where near successful! he himself knows tat. infact every1 in d team hate him so much tat d fav team passtime in his absence is coming up with ways of putting down the papers!!

    as i said.. glad tat he is history in my life!! :)

  6. is advisable not to blog abt bosses.
    and i like it that u attribute the 'good times' to a combination of factors than just one.
    reminds me of alchemist

  7. congrats on the job change ... wish u all the best :-)

  8. God-who-finally-listened/Luck-that-changed-at-last/Good-time-that-has-arrived/Hardwork-and-sincerity-that-eventually-paid-off. --- Rama Likes it !! :)

  9. @ data: thnx.. n tat guy was b****rd.. dont think he wud chk blogs in ne case..

  10. @ eye-in-sty=in: danke danke! :)

  11. and thats how you landed up in chennai, huh? :D :D :D

    Donno what horrible thing your boss did, but most of the bosses are that way ! what to do !!! and they all say, "when you become a boss one day, you will understand!" !!! ....that used to be my moms dialogue when I shout at her ! :D :D :D

  12. @ vimmuuu: tat wen u bcom a mother u'll understand?!? but tats never gonna happen!! n fathers ob wud never understand either!! :P