Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Wet And The Cold

Have I ever mentioned before that I hate wet and cold? Well, ordinarily, moisture would drive me atleast a mile away n cold would make me shiver and cuddle into warm clothes. But today neither affected me at all! No Sir, not one bit! All coz I was where I have always wanted to be! Nothing mattered!

The past couple of days have been a few of the most blessed most cheerful days. After shopping extravagantly for clothes n shoes n heavy dhaba lunch with friends n big time gossiping about nothing and everything, life seems all too colourful! I know.. shopping, beauty parlour and at times, gossiping are the best turn-ons for young women!

In addition to a new wardrobe, now that I have a new scooty pep+ with an awesome electric blue colour, my happiness seems to have no limits! I mean literally! Today, as I rode on the roads at 60 kmph, over taking heavy bikes without stopping at some red signals(though they weren’t intentionally done), the cool wind blew through my hair, slight shivers ran down my spine and chill rain drops started falling on my skin.

Now I had to stop coz I was wearing a white sal and if I continued driving in the rain that had now started pouring, I would be arrested for indecent exposure! :P So there I waited in the shade of a huge tree with a hundred others, and then it hit me! I had a rain coat! So what the hell was I waiting for?!?

So I wore the huge rain coat and with the rain splattering on my face, I rode home, all wet and cold, though with a wide smile on lips and peace at heart.


  1. Abba..... finally you are saying 'life is colorful' :)

    White sal, rain, expo, arrest -> :)

  2. mmm nice.how cud hav forgotten the raincoat!we shopped it with so much effort :P

  3. a turned on woman (effects of shopping + gossiping) on a new bike, overtaking guys and violating traffic rules... God, save the rest of us on the road!!

  4. @ karthick: stooopppp!! hold on ur wild imaginations! it was just a hypothetical situation which i successfully avoided! :P
    so it didnt happen!!

  5. @ data: lol.. didnt forget it honey.. jus forgot tat it was der wid me at tat time.. :P
    but hey.. i remembered it eventually! :D

  6. @ sumanth: lol!! now if u put it tat way, i m not tat dangerous on d roads u know!! infact i met wid an accident.. basically applied sudden brakes n skidded in d middle of a highway to avoid killing an idiot who didnt know how to cross a road. :D

  7. glad you wore a raincoat !! or else, you wouldve turned out to be a traffic jam-mer in that bollywood-ish get up !!! :D :D :D

  8. @ vimmuuu: ohoy!! fyi, i was wearing a nice sal WITH a dupatta!! nothing bollywoodish abt it!! :P