Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aasaikku thaan oru alave illa (Desires have no boundaries)

There is this New York Life Insurance ad. It shows a whole bunch of people belonging to the same world, full of desires for things they don’t have; though they have lots of other things which others envy them for, to which they are oblivious. There is this super-cool long-haired hunk, walking down the road looking at a bike with jealousy. That bike rider looks at another passerby’s girlfriend, wishing he had one. That girl in turn yearns for a nice family with kids, looking at a young lady walking a child in a pram. This lady-with-the-kid craves for a diamond necklace displayed in a jewel store which she sees a millionaire buy. This millionaire from his side looks at the long-haired-hunk longingly for his hair, bald though he is!

Wow! I simply loved the simple portrayal of real life scenario where people always have some or the other desire deep in their heart, irrespective of what they are or what they have. There is always something that they don’t have or rather they can’t have. Not wanting anything more is probably never possible for a normal man. Even Gandhi ‘wanted’ Indian independence and then he ‘wanted’ Pakistan separation and all. So we can’t really call him ‘free from desires’. I believe that even sages ‘wanted’ peace or silence or simplicity in their life n that’s why they chose their nonchalant form of life. They do penances to get their desires fulfilled. But coming back to the present life, there are actually some people whom I see around, who say wholeheartedly that they are contented with what they have in life and they actually want their life to freeze right there n remain that way. I could actually envy them. Now don’t get me all wrong. I am definitely not jealous of them. There is always a difference between envy n jealousy. Envy is when I say “Wow! I wish I had that too… or I wish I was there too” whereas jealousy is when I say “Damn! I wish I was the One to have that… or I was the One to be there”.

Everyday I think of the things that are there with me, yet I can’t help wanting something else, something different, and something that I probably had wanted all along, but hadn’t achieved it. What if I had reached a different place? It’s a nice one too. But well! There are loads of things that I still want there too! I am definitely not selfish or greedy. But I guess these contented people are either the ones who have reached their goal n achieved exactly what they had worked for, or they have simply learnt to live with what they have without wishing further. But yet another part of me feels that desires inspire a person more than the people around, more than words or sayings, more than even their previous achievements. Desires n dreams motivate a person to visualize a target, provides them an ambition, gives a sense of purpose to their walk through the life n the strength to reach the ultimate point and encourages them to reach further and want more and finally grants them the satisfaction of having accomplished it. There are a lot of such motivational movies like Ice Princess, October Sky n many others. Though I had said before that I could envy the contented people, the truth his that I really do envy those who have identified their passion, who have worked out their goals, who have started pursuing it with full confidence and willpower, and who have even started dreaming about their success. The contented people say “I am there. I have enough. I am happy.” The pessimists say “The journey is too difficult, the destination is too far and the aim is too vague to pursue n realize.” But the optimists say “I will be there soon. I shall have it in a short while. I will touch it one day.”


  1. Hey... A post after quite some time! :)

    Oh yeah... I remember that ad. You have written this essay very well, buddy... Loved reading it.

    True... What you say about desire, and the like. Read these lines...

    "Peace is a lie; for there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken.

    The Force shall free me."

    See... Being content is very difficult. And if you really are, that's great! Human wants, as you know, are unending. So... People strive to achieve what they want...

    And I prefer being the realist... ;) There is this poster I remember seeing- the pessimist sees a glass half empty, the optimist sees it half full, the spiritualist sees it overflowing, and the realist? Doesn't bother... It's there to be gulped and that's what he precisely does... Bottoms up! :D (Am a teetotaller, btw...)

    Do try reading this; especially the last bit...

    Hope all is well with you.


  2. hey.. thnx.. :)
    nice lines btw... i kinda thought u wud be a teetotaler :) u r too spiritual n philosophical to get drunk.. :P (no offence :D)

    n sure.. will read it n yeah.. all is well wid me.. :) thnx

  3. According to me, no human being is contended. Its just that the desires, the targets set, the ambition, etc change from person to person. and those desires could just be even the silliest of all :)

  4. Bte, nice post. I wonder(not again!) how do you people come up with such thoughts !!!

  5. he he... thnx.. hav been meaning to write dis for sometime.. havnt been finding much of a time dees days.. :)
    n as for 'no human being is contented' i don really think so.. hav seen a few ppl who say "i m really happy! i don need nething more... i jus hope the time freezes this way!" it was a few of them who instigated me to write this.. :)

  6. "i m really happy! i don need nething more... i jus hope the time freezes this way!"...
    Ther mite be certain ppl who may say these lines... they are sayin it only externally... everyone has thier own aasiagal.. thts wat drives humans..

  7. If a person has everything in life what would be his or her aim in life? Aim is one kind of desire too :)

    If there are contented people you know, good for them but I have not met such people so far :)

    No one's contended in this world. The fab 4 of cricket would have retired long back if they did not have the desire to score more runs and earn more money.

    That ad is really lovely. All the banks are coming up with awesome ad's these days

  8. @ viki: lol so u did decide to leave a comment afterall!! :)
    n yeah i guess so.. but thr is a classification b/w aasaigal within limits n those outta boundaries.. u know? well wat ever.. as long as they get fulfilled, boundaries really don matter. but the issue arises wen they don really get fulfilled.. now makes ne sense or i hav started crapping all over again? :D

  9. @ varun: i know!!! lotsa nice ads!! lotsa really dumb irrelevant ones too.. but not only banks, other commercials r thr too, tat r really thoughtful n communicating.. like tat tie ad for vodafone conference cal, tat jobsonline site ad, can name lotsa them.. :)
    dees days, i m soo bored of the tv shows tat i actually change d channels during d shows to wat commercials on different channels! lol!

  10. don worry it made sense.. i wud like debate on ur views.. but not here.. wud do it on chat.. wen we meet..

  11. This was a nice read..
    Dnt envy the "content" its just a passing stage soon after you pass them, they might be wishing for trifle things too! For that is in Human nature, planted from the time of eve & adam.None can deny it!

  12. @ kartz: lol.. shear! hardly c u ol tho.. :)

    @ verbivore: yeah.. i guess so. thnx for visiting my pensieve. :) keep visiting.

  13. Lovely post. I enjoyed every bit of it. :) The explanation you gave for envy and jealousy are really stupendous. Nice post.