Friday, October 31, 2008


Lately i have been having conversations on similar lines with a lot of friends. A number of common if onlys had been discussed. Here are a few of them which i can post in public. :) Some of them are my own, while others are common.

  • If only our passion got us enough money…
  • If only we cud dare risk the reality n monetary requirements…
  • If only we were so stinking rich that it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t earn...
  • If only we could work where we wanted to, in the field that we were passionate about without worrying about our career or future…
  • If only we were wealthy enough to learn something just for the heck of it and just for fun…
  • If only there were people around us who could identify our talents easily and guide us in the right channel…
  • If only our loved ones recognize our true passion and are proud of what we are, and understand, respect and appreciate our individuality and our beliefs...
  • If only we were a part of something big, something special, something that would make us feel really important, something that would give us a sense of accomplishment…
  • If only everybody around us could understand whatever we say in just one go!
  • If only we get what makes us really happy or we are simply an expert in being happy with what we get…
  • If only some people who are running behind us could keep up pace with us or just not expect us to wait behind for them…
  • If only we were fast enough even overtake impertinent snobs who look back and sneer at us…
  • If only we could come in terms with our conscience, which almost always tends to blame us for every mistake...
  • If only we were in the right place at the right times to grab the right opportunities…
  • If only we were innocent and ignorant of some issues… (would save a lot of pain u c..)
  • If only the Earth spinns faster and we hav lesser than 24 hrs for a day...
  • If only we lived in the Hollywood world where pain is always followed by a remedy, where loss is always followed by gain, where darkness is always followed by dawn and where coincidences almost always turn out lucky!
  • If only there was a Batman n a Spiderman n a Superman in real life…
    If only I was a part of some great adventure and my blood was full of adrenaline all the time…
  • If only I were not just a human, may be something a little more interesting, like say a Vampire- looking beautiful, smelling good, never needing to eat or sleep, with musical voice and graceful walk and really quick reflexes…
  • If only we had magical powers like witches n wizards and we could apparate n disapparate or jus use Portus or floo network. How much time and energy and fuel would be saved!
  • If only I had an alethiometer, a subtle knife to go to other worlds n a wand to use magic… (I could use Accio, Cheering Charm, Disillusionment Charm (Helps appear invisible), Evanesco (Vanishing Spell), Lumos/Nox, Silencio (Silencing Charm), Obliviate (Memory-Modifying Charm), Reparo n all on a daily basis…) Life would be so much easier, so much better n so much livelier!!

This post is subjected to modifications... i might add in more of them, as n when i think of them.


  1. Just saw your blog on the PBwiki for BITSian bloggers.

    Nice blog. Hope to see more of you online.


  2. sigh..Most of your if only's are possible. Just be more confident and not to mention patient. [:)]

  3. hope they get fulfilled atleast some tym in my life di.. esp d last few ones.. if they do, i'll treat u in every restaurant in blore!! :)

  4. If only I had...?
    Only If!
    I have a more positive way of saying it.

    If it is to be, it is up to me.

    I'd add the ONLY part just in front.

  5. Sigh !! Only if you didnt think too much !!!!

  6. @ vivek: oh u can say it ne way u want to.. after all its all english isnt it? but that doesnt change the reality in ne way. n yeah.. i used to say 'If it is to be, it is up to me.' too.. only now i hav realized tat thr r a lot of things that dont really depend on jus me. it depends on soo many other bloody factors on which i hav abcolutely no control. so in those cases all u wud be able to do is try ur level best to achieve the goal to ur extent n leave the rest to the favourable factors. n no.. believe me, those factors mostly tend to follow murphy's law n prefer to be useless n unfavorable n hence disappointing a lot of times. n in those given up times, all u can do is sighout loud n move on, trying to achieve the next goal! :)

  7. @ vimal: cant help it dude.. :) i too wish so.. :) sigh! if only!

  8. :D Niiice... Reminds me of 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. :)

    "If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you..."

    'If only the Earth spinns faster and we hav lesser than 24 hrs for a day'- Nahiin... Exams ke liye ghanta padh sakenge! :P

    '... like say a Vampire- looking beautiful, smelling good, never needing to eat or sleep, with musical voice and graceful walk and really quick reflexes…'- Ummm... fyki Vamps need to sleep, by day... They may not eat, but they ve to drink. And ya, they can be so charming! Stoker described the Count so well! :)

    And if those spells are from Happy Rotter... :P"

    ;) Good musings buddy... Cherio!


  9. lol thnx.. btw vampires according to stephenie meyer dont sleep at all.. not in day, not in night... but yes\ah.. well they do di\rink blood.. but i was hoping tat topic wudnt come up.. :P


  10. "but i was hoping tat topic wudnt come up"- Hope against hope hopen- a la Ogden Nash


  11. A modern perspective to Rudyard Kipling, is it?

    I think its interesting.. :-)

    I am not stinking rich, but I am following the path as my passion laid out.. & I am not getting anywhere monetarily.. So, I think that one would have to be rephrased - "If I can hold my desires to follow my passion.." - this is definitely up for argument & discussion.. :-D

  12. LOL i guess.. but again, they just keep changing! just cant seem to figure out how to freeze them! :P