Sunday, March 22, 2009

DIB(The Expansion will be Explained Subsequently)

1.15 am
Me: (Yawn)
Knock Knock.. Door opens.
Me: Hi.. can you please reduce the volume? I am not able to sleep.
DIB: Oh! Ok.. I’ll reduce it.

1.35 am
Bumbro bumbro.. o…o… tummm…
Me: What the hell man? She just touched the volume control or what? I can still hear it well, loud enough and clear! You can hear it through the phone!!! Imagine listening to the same song for the past half an hour!! Whaa I want to sleep!!!
Friend-on-phone: Well.. good luck with that!! Anyways, goodnight!

Knock Knock.. Door opens.
DIB: Oh.. you can still hear?
Me: Yes. Very very clearly!
DIB: Oh.. k.. I’ll reduce it further. Sorry! :D

2.00 am
haira haira hairabba.. haira haira hairabba..
50 kg tajmahal enakke enakkagha..
Me: (Thinking) Oh that is considerate of her to put tamil song for my sake!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!? Doesnt she know how to reduce volume?

3.15 am
Phone rings.
Me: So the world is against my sleeping!
Number seen: +301
Me: Ohh! ISTD??
A male voice: Hulloooo…. Aap kaun bol rahe hain?
Me: Huh? Aapne call kiya tha.. aap boliye? Kaun hai aap aur kya chaahiye?
The male voice: Aapka voice bada sweet hai… Aapka naam kya hai? Mere saath friendship karengi?
Me: urgh! (Cut the call.)

Phone rings again. Number seen: +301.
Me: (Thinking) If its not ISTD, it must be some VOIP or some thing like that! Hmph.(Switch it off.)
Aaye ho kis bagiya se..
Bumbro bumbro, oh oh tum..
Bumbro bumbro, oh oh tum….

Me: This is just not happening!! Deaf Insomniac Bitch(DIB)!!
(Switch the fan on.)
The noise of the fan drowns the bumbro music.
Me: Well, this noise is atleast bearable!
Cover myself with an extra blanket and finally fall asleep.


  1. hmmm.. maybe u shud ve gone to de other room nd shud ve started dancin with her instead of tryin to sleep.. u can always sleep in daytime.. in de class where there s a expert in the form of lecturer singin lullaby to u ppl..

  2. There is a serial on TV called, 'Neighbors from Hell', you can apply for a hefty paycheck.
    (Did I mention the neighbors gets the paycheck?)

  3. Archana, nallathilla. Oru wingie pathi ipdilaam ezhuthatha. :(

  4. Mehndi ki raat mein tum... Bhumro Bhumro... :D

    hahaha... I am sorry but couldn't resist laughing at DIB :)

    I switch my fan on irrespective of what weather it is! The only reason being that it is the most the wonderful sound that can nullify all sounds outside the bedroom.

  5. @ viki: LOL wat?? n abt sleeping in day time, yeah.. i do tat too.. but tat doesnt mean i have to compramise on my night time one! n abt lectures.. i dont have any.. i am in my last sem right? :P

  6. @ vivek: oh.. didnt know abt a series like tat!! will start downloading frm DC asap!! :D
    n abt d idea of getting a pay back compensation.. sigh.. i wish!! :)

  7. @ harini: oye.. u really dont know abt dis one.. she is such a crazy freak.. she actually walked up to SV's room and accused her of soiling the bogs once.. SV hasnt forgiven her for tat yet. infact she had d nerve to come to me n confess that she had increased the volume after 3 am, even though i had asked her to reduce it 3 well, thr u go! :D

  8. @ varun: np dude! i too laughed abt it today. :)
    n since its the transition period from winter to summer here, nights r slightly cold.. so i usually prefer the fan-less silence. but well.. the fan's drone better than 'bumbro' in your head any day.. right?

  9. hmm thts wat i am tryin to tell u.. u r in ur final yr.. u shudnt waste time sleepin in the nites.. u shud go to some room and start puttin vetti.. or watch movies.. or watch series in ur case..!!!

  10. LOL.

    She deserves a 'scary night' story! Of speakers and music and volume and ghosts! :D

    And this blogger just made me type "lingsi" for word verification :D You may use it for the ghost's name ;)

  11. @ viki: lol.. i guess.. no waste of time..:D

  12. @ alphabetworld: shearrr.. only.. she is more of a freaky ghost herself! u know.. the spooky wierdo kinds.. :P

  13. LOL, you should never be my neighbour. I sing and record those songs (that I upload) at 2 and 3 in the morning !!! or who knows, my neighbour might be having a blog and would have already cursed to death there ! LOL !!!

  14. @ vimal: windows wen u do tat!! else as vivek suggested, ur neighbours may sue u n ask for a huge compensation!! :D
    even if they r too lazy to do tat, u might still end up wid a shoe!! :P

  15. i stay in a house i share with 5 other guys...n one of them has a penchant for singing in a loud grating voice in the dead of the night(trust me ur lucky she was playing a song!! :P)....a loud holler interspersed with a generous mix of swear-words almost always gets him to stop!!! :P ....u shudve tried tht....

  16. LOL u seem really pissed off! chill pill..find out the time she sleeps and play it in the same volume ;P perhaps tht wud help ;P

  17. you sure seem to find time to blog and not come online :-/
    am usually on the receiving end of "please reduce the volume". dont think anyone else in this hostel has speakers as \m/ as mine :D.
    dude, if it ain't loud it ain't music!
    sorry, i wasn't of much help :D

  18. @ ulaganath: he he.. i'll try it next time.. the string of swear words i mean.. i guess the they did erupt in my room.. jus didnt reach hers.. but i really doubt if she wud even understand wat abusive words i had used n their meanings.. n i consider it way beneath me to swear using the obsolete words- dog, pig, stupid, idiot etc.. which is the extent of her understanding!! ;D

  19. @ verbivore:lol.. now tats an idea!! :) shall definitely try it some time!!

  20. @ vidya: hiya female! he he.. well.. i dont come online these days mainly coz i dont have nething to chat about.. n coz a lot of ppl keep annoying me with my job status n i have no replies n no will to discuss it either.. :P
    n yeah.. i can kinda imagine u playing loud rock.. but i m pretty sure even u wudnt b able to tolerate 'bumbro' alone all night long!! i used to like tat song.. now i m sure i'll never b able to play it n enjoy it!! :D

  21. Man, I empathize...
    I used to have a neighbor whose dog would howl. It was this little sausage like thing that you would so love to drop kick over the fence. But that little sucker would howl like a friggin wolf!
    Someone poisoned it.It died. I slept peacefully ever after!

  22. @ archana: sorry for the late rply.. jus now chked out ur comment..
    n hey.. i really wish i cud do d same to tat female too.. my! is she scary! she keeps staring at me when i walk at 2 or 3 am! freaky! :P

    btw.. my name is archana too! funk huh? n hey.. thnx for dropping by.. keep visiting!