Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Irony of Life

Some time back, I had written about how boring life had become, so much that it was a type of killer. After all these months, nothing much seems to have changed in my belief. For the past few weeks, over and over again, I have lived with them and them and them and them and them and them and them and them and them and am going to further live with them and them and them and many others. Things always seem to happen in series! A person/character always gets what one wants in real life with so much ease. I mean, life in series seems much more exciting and much less boring, much more adventurous and much less monotonous, and life there seems much more invigorating and much less useless than the daily one. One would feel so important, so powerful,so confident, so extraordinary and successful in there. Well, all I have to say is that ordinary life sucks and I really really wish miracles would happen and fictions would be real though the only problem is that fictions are falsities, imaginary tales, fantasies, fairy tales- basically opposite of realities!! What an irony!!Sigh...


  1. Hmmm... Well, I wouldn't say ordinary life is *sucks*. Yes, I night if I am *that* exasperated.

    But just hold on a sec.

    Life in celluloid seems so different, right..? On that screen... It is scripted. And it seems as if you live a dream.

    Ordinary life is scripted, too... But we do not know that script. We just act. Impulsive stuff...

    And hell yeah, I love fantasy! :) (No, not Happy Rotter. :P)

    Peace. Be well.

  2. yeah, at times I've felt it too. Being ordinary sucks !

    Btw, if you havnt read it yet, I had mentioned about you here.

  3. Life would be as beautiful as anything.. only if u convince urself real hard that it is like that :) me! it is within make it beautiful!

  4. Ordinary life doesn't really suck. I am with verbivorehere on this one. It is up to oneself to make it beautiful...

    But yes I would have loved to be the chosen one and would have loved to dodge a bullet some time in my life ;)

  5. Dont compare yourself to characters on TV series.
    Its all made up and no matter how beautiful you look and act they always kill off your character.Sigh.

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