Monday, March 30, 2009

Toffee Issues

Life here is becoming more n more difficult, n well, may be, more expensive. Hey, I am not talking about some stupid inflation or some economics stuff. But well, the conversations normally exchanged in shops here are somewhat like these:
Student: One center-fresh pack.
Shop-Keeper(SK): 6 Rupees.
Student gives a 10 Rupees note. SK returns him 4 coffee-bites, or some unknown 1-Re toffees!
This happens almost always these days! I mean, most of the students have to give the SK the right change, up to even 1 Re coins. Where the hell do they all go? I mean, this is obviously, a stupid mass strategy for chocolate/toffee marketing, and a n effective business tactic for the SKs, coz they get them in a bulk, for way a lesser price, and I don’t know, throw away all the changes that they have (or just hide them) and refuse to sell the customers stuff if they don’t have change, unless they are ready to accept these toffees or simply buy more stuff till they get a round number, when in fact, they intentionally fix the prices at some odd value, just exceeding a round value, in-order to sell more of their toffees!
Today, a friend wanted maggi, and we went to the Nescafe stall inside the Girls Hostel. One plate of maggi is Rs 12, a coffee is Rs 6, Tomato Soup is Rs 7. But we all know that she takes 15 for maggi, 10 each for soup and coffee. If they don’t have changes then why not make the prices round, and just increase/decrease the quantities? Then no one has to lose, except these SKs would make lesser profit! They have gotten so used to bullying this extra unseen money from students, that they have become so damn arrogant now!
Friend: A plate maggi plz.
Gives Rs 15. SK gives back 3 melodies (which we all hate).
Friend: See... I really am not a chocolate person. I'll give you Rs 2. Gimme the five back.
Friend gives a 1Re coin and 2 50-paise coins.
SK: Sorry. We don’t accept anything other than 1/2/5 Rs coins. 50 paise and all doesn’t go in the market.
Friend: Then just note my name, ID and my room no and take 10 Rs, n I promise I'll get the change by tomorrow.
SK: See... I cant do that. But take these toffees. Don’t you know? Coins are not there anywhere in Pilani. The daily market works only with these toffees. They are really good! Just try them! And if they are not good, let me know.
Student: Why?
SK: Then I’ll change to some other toffee! :D
Then my friend had one of those damn toffees that was given a couple of days ago from the same SK. So she gave it in place of the 2 50 paise coins.
Friend: Well, since the market is running on these toffees, there you go!.
SK: Uh.. well, we only give toffees, not take them. Sorry. But then you can buy something else for 3 or 7 Rs, surely.
Friend: Nopes. Don’t want anything else either. But you know what? Forget the maggi. I am not hungry anymore! Your toffees just drove it away!
SK: Sure. That’s fine.
She then turns to another girl who shows a 100 Rs note for some 32 Rs purchase, and gives her back 8 toffees! The girl takes them with no complaint at all! Either the girl is just too dumb, or just very hungry and ok with being cheated! So much for education in a ‘prestigious institute’!!


  1. Its funny when it happens.
    But its definitely not just in your Institution that this takes place.

    I'd generally shop once a week and buy everything I need. (Instead of going everyday to a small stall)

  2. or may be she likes melody archana ..let go.
    u shud have taken a bag full of 1 rupee coins with u before u left to much for ur 4 yrs spent thr n ur dad working in a bank!

  3. hmmm it has happend to me also.. but not the de extent of gettin toffees worth 8 rs for change.. man.. she shud ve really been hungry.. hmmm i jus wrote a blog on money and it value.. u shud check it..

  4. It is nice to have a collection of toffees in your bag. You never know when you will be hungry

  5. happens everywhere!
    Just carry a lot of change with you. everywhere else, give 10/5/20 rupee notes! save the change fo such people!!

  6. here they usually take the chocolates back when we give it to them
    and female, come online!

  7. Heh heh heh, pity... This happens at a number of places, tbh. SK says - here babu, take chocolate. :D

    And as regards tht last person who was content taking 8 toffees... Ummm, I think she is in cahoots with the shopkeeper. Bleh! :P

    Peace. Have a nice day.

    Me hasn't been blogging much re. Just scheduling the odd post and modding comments. Trust things are fine at ur end.

    And btw, couple of awards for the taking. Do collect 'em when u can.

    Puththaandu Nal Vazhthukkal (spelling le thappu irundha, mannichuda vendum; my Tamil isn't the best in business...)



    PS - Ooooh, look at word verif! *toffy*

  8. @ vivek: well.. i really dont plan tat much u c.. :D

    @ data: lol.. my dad is in bank doesnt mean we make coins at home!! :P

    @ viki:read n commented.. was a really gud one.. :) sorry for d late commenting though..

  9. @ harini: :) shearr

    @ alphabetworld: he he.. yup..

    @ vid: i come online a no of times, but in invisible mode.. :P

    @ kartz: Puththaandu Nal Vazhthukkal to u too.. n me no pro in tamil either!! :P

    n thnx 4 d awards.. will collect them soon! :)

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  11. @ bhargavi: sure! will do!