Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nice Girls

The description of nice girls has been given by veda with so much vividity that this daring portrayal deserves a wide round of applause and compliments from all the nice girls in the world. The scenario in real-life, esp. of a nice girl is very much as has been depicted. But I personally did not feel depressed in any way at all as some people have felt. It voiced out most of what ever I might have thought and discussed very often with my close friends and my cousins very recently.
I still very staunchly believe that most men- nice/not-nice would never look at a subtle mannered soft spoken shy girl even if they know that they are the ones they would want to end up with. They just can’t help wanting to try out a number of those ‘modern women’; the ones who would be well approved by their circle of friends and the men-world, who could easily arouse the jealousy of every other guy who would see them together, who would not have any problem in a public show of affection, basically a girl who would addict them… who would make their nerves flood with hormones… who would refuse nor refute their acts of insanity or stupidity. So even if they realize their mistake sooner or later, they would only correct it by breaking up with the 'wrong girl' (unless they gets dumped before). After that, finding a nice homely sensible sort of a girl for a life-partner is mommy’s job- not his! The one who would put kolams early in the morning, the one who would leave her family, her job, her career for him to serve his parents, his grand parents and his sisters and their families too without a tiny hesitation or grumble… yuck! The whole concept!!
Why do nice people always seem to end up sacrificing the most? This is most definitely unfair. Hope the nice girls end up with these nice guys without any parents’ intervention or any stupid horoscope shit… and then all would be fair and life would be filled with flowers n colors.

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  1. "The one who would put kolams early in the morning....and his sisters and their families too without a tiny hesitation or grumble"...definitely not! My kind of nice girl would be in the middle of the two extremes you described. Artificial modern girls- I call them plastic, Traditional shy girls- primitive, a blend of both - perfect !!!!