Thursday, July 24, 2008


There was a time during my BITSian life esp during my CDC years, when I have wished to just run away from that place, with a series of tests, tuts, labs, assignments, presentations n reports… but now after leaving the campus (though not a ‘pass out’ yet, thankfully) suddenly, ‘My World’ seems to have just puffed off like a mere dream! As I remember, I didn’t cry or even look back when I left My Hostel, My Campus, My Universe, (esp after a series of compres), knowing that I won’t be coming back for studies, and hoping that I won’t have to come back just for placements. But now, I wish I had just taken a few moments to stand at each place to feel a little nostalgic n all, like the other psenti-semites. But NO! I was just too ‘busy’ for all the senti-stuff!! Now that I turn back and see, I hardly remember anything of the acads/what they taught/what I learnt!! All that I have in my heart are those stolen moments in FD3 and IC terrace, those mid-night walks on nights with perms, those crappy games played in EDC sessions, those cute jackings in Bio-Assoc, the peaceful walks through staff-quarters and Shiv-ji, SKY patties, Bluemoon MNB, Nagarji’s sam-chat/chai, IP msngr chats, DC++ browsing and most of all, the night-time lacha sessions and wonderful trips with my wingies. I am glad that I was a part of what I was and I really pray to God that I get a gr8 set of new friends here as well, who might never replace what I had left behind; but would help me build another whole new happy world out here.

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