Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bad Day Today! :(

Today is one of the worst days! Murphy ’s Law was being proven again n again!
“Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way”

Got up really late today (damn the tablet I took yesterday night!). In the hurry to reach my office on time, I had to do everything hastily, and in my hurry, I forgot my mobile at home! Good God! I actually forgot my mobile at home! I realized it on the bus and went crazy! OMG! What would I do the whole day? How could I survive? My mobile is one of my Horcruxes! I was nearly delirious by the time I reached my office. I had a presentation at 9.30, but made it to the office only at 9.50, with an empty stomach making such a racket that I feared people around might hear it!

Then I saw the presentation schedule and realized that I had attended a similar one long back, so it was kinda repetition, so decidedly went to the canteen to have breakfast. I came back to find my blogspace really screwed up and couldn’t even identify the problem. So took some time, identified it n finally modified it. Next, I ran into the in-charge of the presentation, walking out after taking the attendance, and seeing me on the internet pc, gave me a disapproving look. I had to convince him that the lecture was kinda repetition for me. He just shrugged away. Not good! Then one of my colleagues, a friend, walked past my bay from the conference room, and on enquiring about the presentation, I found that it was being given by my team members, my seniors, and my TL was there too! FUCK! I didn’t know that! I asked my friend why he hadn’t called me; I was only sitting a few yards away from that room?!?! His reply was that he didn’t know I was in the office!! Lol!

It was apparently a presentation that my team was delivering. What would have my boss thought of me? How stupid was I to have not checked after coming, late though it was?! Oh God! I was so screwed! Then I tried to sneak into the conference room, as silently as possible, when suddenly, NR called out from the dais,” Hey! You where were you in the morning?”I had to smile as widely as possible to hide my embarrassment, n said,” Er… I came in late.” N another female called out,” Hey! Hardly been seeing you these days?” I thought to myself,” WTF? I didn’t come only yesterday female! I was there even the day before that!” and my boss looks on… I just smiled at her and said nothing other than “uh huh…” the presentation took a really long time, past the lunch time So my friends had lunch n ice cream without me too! :(

And now, I am sitting here, with my half-filled stomach, in a highly confused muddled up state, with some really important life-changing decisions to make, but with HP7 ebook open instead of doing anything else, reading it for the 1000th time. I need to clear my head… you see? :P


  1. Hmmm... Can understand. A bad hair-day. Guess you got out the wrong side of the bed..?

    And oh yeah, ne'er discount that Murphy fella... ;)


  2. I forgot my laptop at home today :).I had no other options than to go back and get it. But that's about it. Rest of the day has been smooth.

    Tablets!! Are you alright?

    These kind of days are unavoidable. It's alright. You have a weekend coming up too. So just chill out...

    Why did you start writing the post when you could have gone to the canteen and had something? Health and stomach always comes first :D

  3. @ kartz: he he.. i guess i did get up on the wrong side of d bed.. :P
    but u know wat? every tym i drop a bread, ironically it doesnt fall on the buttered side.. may b it coz i always expect it to.. :P

  4. @ varun: urs is a lappy! mine is my horcrux!!!!!
    @ tablets,no me fyn.. a small issue tats all..
    n no.. wen i get really pissed, i cant hav food, plus asi told, the lunch tym was overby d tym i came out.. :)
    its ok.. went out n had chat..

  5. @av

    Waah! :-) Guess you have the power to control its drop! Or may be you are 'weakly' telekinetic... ;-)

    PS: I don't eat bread... So, I'll look for my *telekinetic* ability with something else. :p :) How about an A-380? Ok.. I'll stop with that!


  6. Oh! Quite a day, there!

    I once walked into my office late, realised i'd left my mobile at home. I gave my boss a sheepish grin, a request to go back and get it and a round of apology. I went all the way back home, only to realise my keys were in the bag, tht i'd left in office.
    Darnn! :D

  7. @ AV :

    Even I am handicapped without my mobile. I guess most of us are.

    Btw, I am never late and I just cant stand people who appear late. But you are forgiven :)

    Take care(referring to the pills)

    @ Priya :


  8. hmmm.. :) bt really gr8 to know tht u "clear up" u'r mind, in exactly the same way as i do! ;)


  9. @ kartz: an A-380?? wtf?!? :P

    @ priya: lol.. u wud hav flipped!

  10. @ vimmuuu: thnx for 4giving me.. n u know wat? now tat u hav said it, i don intend to wrk under u ne tym if i can help it.. :P

    @ mats: he he.. yeah.. i sure hav a few ways to clear up my head during tyms like tat.. reading HP, or watching a few epi of FRIENDS or talkin to frns over fone(tho it wasnt the wid me at tat tym.. :P)

  11. hehehe...seriii, indha awards konjam accept panreenglaa :

  12. Hey I'm one of the friends who ate the ice-cream :P (Butterscotch). Sorry :P
    And hey-
    Life can't be so bad that it can't get worse

  13. @ vid: awww cmon!!! u don hav to say sorry n all... ut we can sit n think of ways to make it up neways.. :P

  14. @ priya: thnx.. :D
    n wow.. nice aasirvaadam! lol actually d best 1 i hav received till now.. :)

  15. Hmm...quite a day. Your horcrux?! lol!
    Just wondering though, why you had to get ur blog set right; I would have gotten into the presentation knowing I had to be there. Would have saved a lot of trouble in a way right?
    Btw, I watched this programme "Backyard Science" on Disney with my son. Apparently, it is not that bread falls down on the buttered side always! :D