Friday, September 5, 2008

Thankyou Daddy

Long back, when I was had told my father,” Its only Rs. 20 naa daddy? Then what is the big deal?!?”, he had scolded me. He had replied, “Only 20?? Do you even know what the value of Rs. 20 is? Try earning this ‘trivial’ amount n see. Only 20 it seems!” n he was very cross with me. That day, I really didn’t understand why it mattered so much. Another day, we had gone to Globus showroom as some people had suggested that they had a good collection of formal wear. We found that the place was bloody expensive n decided not to buy anything from there as it didn’t seem all that worthy. My father was actually shocked to see that some people actually bought lots of clothes from there, and he said something that I won’t ever forget. He said,” Spending money is not wrong. After all, we earn to spend. But squandering money this way is unpardonable. Not in India, not where people die due to lack of food n money.” Even that day, I argued with him. I told him that it was their money n they could afford to pay 2500/- on a simple shirt n they were doing so. But he never approved of it. he retorted, “We can afford it too, you know? It is not a question of affording. It is a question of spending the right way.” There have been lots of times when my sis n I forget to switch the fans n lights off in some rooms. There he would be, calling out to us, n would make us go n switch them off. We used to get irritated at times.

But now I know. Now I understand. Now I can see his point. Things that never made sense before now seem right! Kudos to my dad for having taught me n my sis the right things, though we might not have heeded to them at that time, and patiently waiting for us to grow up n understand, nevertheless letting us be us till then. Now, I know the worth of Rs 2, let alone Rs 20, I don’t squander money lavishly just for the sake of style, and I always remember to switch of fans n lights when they are not in use. Though I feel really guilty sometimes thinking of the past, I also feel grateful to him in every way. Thank you daddy! :)


  1. I had done the same thing but it was for 10 rupees. Instead of thanking you should have wished your dad Happy Teachers' Day because he was the one who taught you the value of money.

    But you cannot always think of starving children and people in India when you want to buy something you love. I would go ahead and buy it anyway when I have the money.

  2. Hmmm...we will all be like our parents one day...At similar spending situations, my dad starts with his usual dialogue, "When I was like you...". I somehow miss it these days, he must be thinking that I have grown up (well, I am) !!!

  3. Hey, very nce post!
    Yea, i agree with Vimmmu...we all become like our parents! I sometimes feel I sound like my mother. My friends say so too!

    i also wrote an ode to my it if you have time :D

  4. @ varun: yup.. cant think of them allthetimein r lives.. agreed.

    @ vimmuuu: ya.. but i kinda dontfeel like calling myself a grown up. i m still a kid- u know! seriously i am! i hate doing all the thinking n calculating n all.. but i do loveit wen they giv us money in thestarting of every month.. :P

    @ alphabet world: sure... will read. thnx. :)

    @ rya: :)

  5. wait wait context of grown up is only with reference to my age...otherwise, i think im still 18 (does that make me mentally retarded by any chance ?? )