Monday, September 1, 2008

Beauty enhanced?? Really??

Disclaimer: The previous disclaimer holds true for this post too.
Why do most people around here (here as in Bangalore) seem to have an atrocious dressing sense? These are people, I guess, with a huge inferiority complex, or with an absurd, dying urge to imitate their role model who would mostly be a model or a movie star, or simply with a highly misplaced superiority complex, who consider themselves too superior and too modern and too rich to dress in a modest, simple, yet elegant fashion. A lot of people try to wear really expensive trendy clothes that are definitely not appropriate for their structure or for the place or the situation (though I guess I am no one to judge it entirely, it does look ludicrous from a public’s point of view when they themselves seem extremely conscious of their dress and their hair and the people’s look on them). They just kill the very beauty that they possess. Some girls wear dresses that they might have liked on TV or even on their friends, without even pausing to think of how it will look on them, or whether it’ll suit them or not, or how comfortable they would be in that dress. Comfort definitely doesn’t seem to be in the top priorities for these people! They end up being very conscious of themselves, trying their hard to look at-home, embarrassed even at the slightest stares that they end up getting bcoz of their stony rigid behavior in the dress that they choose to wear. Some people go one step further n wear all types of funky/ethnic/gold ornaments that seem all out of place most of the times, that even if you try to control the sarcasm from showing on your face, you just can’t help the smirk that would line your lips.

There is this girl I know, who has suddenly started wearing all ridiculously short tops and huge Eiffel Tower ear-rings that we all tease some of the guys here with her just to irritate n embarrass them. I know! How horrible of us! But then, why does she lead herself to such a position? The guys all fight for her Rakhi! Literally!! The irony is that she doesn’t even know that all this is going on at all! There is another female who usually leaves her long hair loose though she knows that her hair is not suited for that and it gets all shabby n tangled so often that whenever you look at her, she would be combing it with her hand or a comb! Well, I do know that it is wrong to laugh right on their faces, but I really do not think it is wrong to laugh behind such people, who tend to be so self-conscious (pulling down the tops, adjusting the skirts, combing their loose hair n fiddling with their odd set of jewels as often as possible) that they forget to be aware of the surroundings, and how people really look at them. Do these people actually think that they look more ‘beautiful’ or ‘modern’ or ‘sophisticated’ with all the comedy that they do to themselves? I really wouldn’t call these people innocent. After all, they are educated, they would definitely have been taught to look into a mirror in their childhood! I would call them ignorant as they care too much about their looks and ultimately wind up not knowing what real beauty is, and not understanding that comparing themselves with other people or blindly trying to imitate others is not sensible, and that they are just making a fool of themselves.

I personally feel that the beauty of a person can’t be measured by the amount of gold ornaments they wear or by the funky look of their dresses or even by their hair style or make up. In fact, I think a person’s real beauty is seen in the absence of any accessories or make-ups. I really don’t know what really attracts guys or what makes them give these ignorant girls a second look or whether these have any effect on the opposite sex at all, that is intended. Oh well… but then I really don’t know much about guys or their opinions in this matter. But I do feel that if they do get attracted to such an artificial beauty, then I guess they would be a ‘made for each-other’ couple after all! All the best to them! Also, a good luck to these ignorant souls with fake beauty, to get their senses back before they make a huge fool of themselves.


  1. "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

    Guys like me give these artificial beauties a second look just to know who dared to wear such atrocious dress or make up.

    I cannot comment on other guys coz i don't like to generalize...

  2. Beauty, they say, is just skin deep. Well, i'd say its in your attitude and your character than in your skin :P

    I've seen the ones you are talking skin tight tops and equally tight jeans -- with a shawl (no, not a stole, but a woollen shawl) draped around! funky hairdos and silly earrings which make you burst into laughter than look with awe...

    tho am a mallu, i must admit, they are sometimes the worst of the lot! tops which never suits them, and skin tight jeans - the normal shiny golden 'slipper' and a 'kulippinnal' !! eeeekkkksss !
    but well, guys will always be guys...hehehe...

    and like th dialogue in a certain mallu film, "oru kambilu thuni chuttiyaalum avan vaayunnokkum" [trans: even if yu drape a cloth over a mere stick, guys will still gape (for a gap)!] :D :D :D

  3. @ varun : ok- then i shall classify u under - type-II?? :D

    @ alphabetworld : yaa i know! infact, some girls esp in winter, wear all jackets n sweatshirts n wat not on d top, n just a pair of cotton shorts in d bottom! i guess winter doesnt affect them below their waists! n 'even if yu drape a cloth over a mere stick, guys will still gape (for a gap)!' lol! god level!

  4. ppl do tht most of the times- jst to prove to the world tht they r 'on the track'. we can only pity then for being desparate. have u read 'veronika decides to die'? a character in an asylum says a story. all villagers drank water from common well tht was poisoned. they become mad. the king, who has a separate well for himself, is sane. bt whn king orders ppl to be sane, they think he s the mad one. unable to figure out any other solution to the prob, he too drinks the poisoned water and becomes mad! :) n the ppl think tht he s the best king they ever had! why am i saying this over here neway?! ah.. yes, tht s wht happening to these ppl u've mentioned too.. they ve all drank the waters of the same well!

    well written!

  5. @ AV :

    I feel, it is necessary for a girl to carry herself well, but like you mentioned, in those attires and gadgets that suits her.

    Btw, I thought dressing sense was in general better in Blore; atleast it should be better than chennai !!!

    @ Alphabet World :

    Malayali aanpillerude maanam keduthum le?? (You will embarass malayali guys, wont you?..hehehe..but true !

  6. vimmuuu: 'but true'?? so u do accept tat u do gapefor a gap?!? lol

    nee cheyyunna pravruthi ninne naanippikkunnengil pinnenthinu athu cheyyunnu... nee oru karyam cheyyan theerumaanichal pinne enthinu athinu lajjikkanam? right??
    (if you get embarrassed of something that u do, then y do it at all? if u decide to do it neways, then y feel embarrassed??
    wat say??

  7. @ AV :

    Malayali yaano ???...pandaaradangaan...hehehe...

    well said, enikku theere naanavum maanavum illa !!!!

  8. I once read- there are no ugly women; there are only crazy women. You are convincing me that there are also crazy women.

  9. @ vimmuuu: naah.. me not a malayali... i jus got tat translated by a mallu frnd... since everybody was suddenly posting in mallu, thot tat i might as well do it myself.. lol.
    n ya i kinda guessed u don hav ne... :P(tat was a compliment..

    @ rya: no.. i didnt mean tat'ugly women' exist..i jus meant tat dumb women who cant make right judgements or prioritize the right way exist. me also believes tat no woman is ugly. :)

  10. That was a nice post.

    Beauty is truth, truth beauty- John Keats. Hmmm... :)

    My take on Beauty? Read on at...

    Veronika Decides to Die... Spot on. :)

    But personally... I want to leave ppl alone- I don't wish to wonder too much as to y they are doing this/that. It's their zindagi. Jo chahe karne do, as long as they leave me in peace! Be it gents wearing beauty creams or whatever it is... Tumhari life hai... Mera paisa to nahin hai... ;) Jao, jo chahe kar lo...


  11. thnx :)
    but u know wat? tats how a typical guy wud feel.. i guess..
    coz tho i don hav ne prob wid dem making a fool of themselves, i jus cant help laughing at them.. now tats not wrong, right?

  12. As I had said in the other post (God), right/wrong is relative. It may seem right in your point of view... And yeah, I guess I am human enough to [first] laugh when someone makes a fool of him/herself before telling them what cd ve gone wrong.


  13. gosh! heights of philosophy! lol. me actually much more human than tat! :D

  14. I am not ET... :) So, nothing wrong with philosophizing a tad too much... ;) :p U wd ve seen it in the essay (link above) I'd written... :)