Friday, August 29, 2008

Thought process

Disclaimer: The incidents mentioned below do not include anyone in specific. If anyone feels that I have referred to them, then it is them alright! If people think it can’t be them, then it most definitely isn’t! I would also like to assert that a thought process is a totally uncontrolled series of thoughts jumping from one topic to another, as random as the chaotic particles in Brownian motion. It’s the time when your heart talks with your brain in the silence around you. I am stating a few of the incidents where my heart n my brain were unable to come to any conclusion, hence, the questions were left unanswered. So I am ABSOLUTELY NOT RESPONSIBLE if any of you choose to take offence in any way.
Yesterday night, I went home from work, as usual, and found that there was no power. The whole area seemed to have been engulfed in pitch darkness with the utter silence being broken now and then by passing 2 wheelers or a few people walking n talking loudly on the road. I went into the house and freshened up. Then I didn’t know what to do! So I sat on my ease chair and started rocking, looking at the ceiling. (Was doing it after a long time you see.) Though there was absolutely no source of light, the ceiling ridiculously seemed to glow! Then when I looked around, almost all the things in the room seemed to have an eerie glow! Damn the excited electrons going back to stable state (thus giving off light as fluorescence, I guess :P)! Well, it was in such times that my mind used to think of a lot of things- a lot of small pieces of conversations that wouldn’t have really mattered while speaking, but I would have put them in my pensieve to look at and muse over later; a lot of bothering incidents that I would have let go at that time, but stored in a small corner of my mind to think over later; some of my mistakes, some of my blunders n some of the lessons learnt from mine and others’ experiences. But after such a session, I would usually be left with a wide range of questions. Yesterday being one such night, I have a mind filled with a whole lot of Qs; redundant though they may be in the world’s eyes, I haven’t yet encountered with convincing answers.

1. I had recently spoken to a friend gone to the US to do MS. She told me that that it wasn’t too difficult to locate Indians in the huge crowd at all! Girls or guys! Apparently, the college girls there wore such outrageously exposing clothes, but the guys there never even turned their heads n gave a second look! Indians- girls give shocked stares, guys gape at them appreciative! There you go! That’s how you locate Indians it seems! OMG! What is wrong with us Indians?

2. Why do people in ‘love’ suddenly start questioning about ‘blue skies’ n ‘pink flowers’ n ‘flying birds’ n what not? Sky is blue due to Rayleigh’s scattering effect of molecules in the Sun’s rays, Flowers are pink due to Anthocyanins and birds fly due to their anatomical structure ans bcoz as they can’t walk all their way! These were there before they were born, and will be there after they die! Such questions are just NOT romantic!

3. Why is it that we can very comfortably see n may be even enjoy watching adult u-know-what scenes in movies or even in reality between strangers in bus stops or in malls or in movie theatres or beaches or hotels or even on roads, but can’t bear see our friends make out in front of us? Why do we get so easily embarrassed n why do the love-birds never understand others’ awkward position and remained ‘romantically involved’ even in public??
(Monica n Chandler kissing in front of Phoebe)
Phoebe: eww get a room!
Monica : we already have one.
Phoebe: then use it!!!
Making out in public doesn’t make Monica n Chandler broad minded n asking them to not do it in front of her doesn’t make Phoebe narrow minded!

4. Seriously, why do some call themselves ‘frank’ n ‘out-spoken’ n talk nonsense, criticize people unnecessarily n judge people outright based on few facts that they know about them? I HATE such people. They really do not know the meaning of Frankness.
Pidichirukku na sollanumnu avasiyam illa, aana sonna thappu illa.
Pidikalenaa sonna thappu illa, aana sollanumnu avasiyam illa.
It means-
If u like something in some1, u dont need to tell them, but its not wrong if u tell them (as it wud only make them happy! ).
If u dont like something in some1, then its not wrong if u tell them, but u dont need to tell them( as it might offend them... coz u might be 'frank' n they might not be).
This is my policy. I m not asking anyone to follow this. But I have seen a lot of bonds break bcoz of these so-called ‘frank’ people who are just too pompous n snobbish to see the reality and the true essence of one’s character.

5. Why do we get an automatic smile when we hear people talking in our mother-tongue? I am not being a linguistic bitch here. I really don’t know the reason, but when I hear anyone talking in Tamil, I tend to turn around to see who it is, though I know for sure that they are strangers talking among themselves. Funny- my reflexes!

Well, I had a hundred thoughts yesterday only I can’t tell them all. Five of them have made this long enough! But the truth is that I really do enjoy these silent sessions in the dark. Gives me a lot of time to think and learn and prioritize a lot of things. :)


  1. Looks like you paid attention to your professors when they talked physics.

    1. Nothing's wrong. It is what they call cultural gap. I don't think the same guy or same girl who gaped the first day would do that the second day too.

    2. No idea. Do they question these things? They should be out of their minds..

    3. We do not feel uncomfortable. We suddenly start feeling lonely ;)

    4. I would prefer to speak to a frank person any day if and only if he knows what he is speaking. Translate that tamil for us please :)

    5. Its a simple stimuli and response mechanism. You will always turn your head for which your brain is used to responding. I thought you knew your science well :)

  2. LOL...
    Lemme guess, you're an engineer! Brownian moment and fluorescence!! :)
    Nice blog, ran into you while blog-hopping! Ok, now, i'm getting down to reading all your posts! Shh... Do Not Disturb! :D

  3. Oh, I wish you dont lose power again in your locality, otherwise this would be the outcome :D !!!

    1. This happens across. and seriously, its not with the indians. Anything that amuses would turn heads !!!

    2. I stupid right???

    3. Honestly, I feel really uncomfortable. I have written a teeny weeny such incident here :

    4. Very true.Vaaya moodi summa irundu polaam le?ellaathukkum oru opinion, ellaathukkum oru judgement. kettaa, naan romba frank pa, ippadi daan pesuvennu solluven !!!

    5. This is the best part; I just dont end with the smile. If the situation and the environment is friendly, i even ask the question " Malayali yaano?(are u a malayali)"..hehehe...and the other end has always been receptive; atleast so far.

    Nice post and I really enjoyed this.

  4. @ varun : i guess i answered ur Qs n also added the eng translation of those tamil verses. :)

    @ mirrorcracked: yup! me an engineer. thnq for visiting my blog n keep visiting! :)

    @ vimmuuu: thnx.. n u seem to be really gud in tamil! :) nice.

  5. het utshovvv.. thnx for visiting! :)

  6. @ AV :

    You are one of the very few souls who said my Tamil is good. I make statements like " Boss varudu, naay varaangey", etc. So you can guess !!!

  7. A really good post. I liked all your points. Even i have such "revelations" sometimes when im lying on bed waiting for sleep to catch up :P

    I think the first point is true not only of indians but almost any asian who has grown up in a more conservative society compared to the west.

    And i completely agree with u abt ur point on frankness. Im sure most of these "frank" ppl themselves cannot handle a frank opinion abt themselves. I think Dale Carnegie or someone had said "if u cant say something nice abt someone then dont say anything at all". Which is the same as the proverb/phrase uv mentioned.(im guessing its not from the thirukkural :P)

    And yeah even when i catch those instances of ppl speaking tamil here in bangalore im pleasantly surprised and i try to eavesdrop(i know its bad :P) trying to figure out if theyre also from my native place or not n stuff like tht.

  8. oh thnq very much. thirukkuralaa? sorry.. me doesnt know A B or C in it!:P
    n thnx for visitng my blogspot.. keep visiting! :)