Monday, August 18, 2008

On my way…

It was a little too early, about 4 am. I woke up even before my alarm cried! A light headache followed. The morning was cold n cloudy, drizzling continuously after a heavy 8-hr downpour the previous night. My shoes were slushy and sweatshirt was cold n soggy. I kept skidding on the road now n then and my bag seemed a little heavy on my shoulder. Some 6-7 guys of different ages waiting in the bus-stop all looked at me as if I were an alien from a different planet (as I was the only female on road at that time). The bus came after a patient 10-min wait. It was a normal dabba govt. bus with water trickling down the top n sides, on my head and clothes. I reached the stopping and enquired an auto-man for directions which I guess he didn’t know but had too much of an ego to accept, so showed me an obscenely long route to walk. The train had already arrived by the time I reached and I found my compartment. The seats were all soaking wet (apparently came from the shed after a shower!! :P). It was stinking big time! Absolutely reeking with toilet smell. Unbearable! And I didn’t have any waste papers to wipe the seat. So had to use my white bed sheet to clean. Though initially empty, my bay later got filled with all grandpas n an irritating uncontrollable kid with an extremely frustrated impatient mother who poured coffee on my bed sheet. I passed my time by reading a thriller, True Evil – Greg Iles. The story was unnerving and the plots were framed well. But the kid kept disturbing all the way!
From the moment I got up, the day was filled with a lot of incidents that would have usually annoyed me and normally been horrible mood-busters; especially these days, when even the smallest of things starts me off. Surprisingly, I found that none of these even bothered me the way they would have in general. My spirits were high and I could feel a smile on my lips all along. The only thing in my mind was – that I was going HOME…


  1. Yea...known tht feeling so many many times...its better than every other feeling ;) ...even better than that bliss when yu fall in love :D

    nice one!