Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Tribute to Onions

A long time ago, Potato, Tomato and Onion lived in a house. They loved each other and lived on for a long time. Tomato died of Fungus and Potato and Onion bade him a grand farewell. A few years later, Potato was killed too and Onion was a true friend and dutifully organized a complete death ceremony. Now Onion was all alone in this whole wide world. Later when his time came, Onion had no one by his side. Onion asked God, “I had been there in the last days of my friends and grieved after their times. Why do I have no one to miss me after I leave? What did I do to deserve a tearless depart from this world?” God replied, “Do not be troubled, my dear, for hereafter, the World will cry when you die!”

This is why we all get tears when we cut onions!:)


  1. Wow..is this your creation??? Dont know how I dropped in, but you have a nice blog there. Infact, I was using a similar theme until probably May.

    But I do have a suggestion (not to be mistaken as an opinion); certain posts of yours have dull font colors, for example, dark blue in black background.

    keep writing, cuz I am sure to visit this space often !

  2. oops...by 'this' in the first sentence, I meant the story !!! Gr8 story 1

  3. well.. thnx a lot.. :) nthis was told by my mom when i was little. jus remembered it suddenly and put it in my pensieve. i shall write more of such cute ones as n when i remember them.lol.
    btw.. i hav changed the dark blue one's color.:)

  4. Thank God the other veggies like cauliflower,carrots, beans and peas did not have such demands!
    Preeti (Just a mother of two)

  5. hehe..arch..nice one ya:) god!! i m so allergic to onions man..my eyes water like CRAZYYYYYYY!!all the onions out thr must be very happy now;)

  6. Hi.. cha enna oru story...!!! ppl like manirathnam shud be given a chance to direct these kinda stories..(jus kiddin)

  7. Hey! I remember reading this in Tinkle when i was like 8 or so...and i dutifully protested the next time i saw Amma cutting an onion...and i described why we get tears..."Don't kill the onion, Amma..." i apparently howled! :D :D