Friday, August 22, 2008

~~~ Life backwards ~~~

A lot of things that happened yesterday reminded me of the fact that I am getting older… though a part of me does want to grow old n move on, that part of me seems to be only too small. The larger part of me doesn’t really want to grow, like Peter Pan.

Yesterday, my mentor was asking me about how happy I would be on getting a job and passing out. My instant reply was “Working life doesn’t seem to be as fascinating as I had imagined. So I am not really looking fwd to it.” n that was the first time I had seen him laugh out loud!

But this happens a little too often these days. The same was the reaction when I told this to my cousins. How I envy my junior friends who are enjoying that delightful life! I hardly find gtalk chatting pleasurable these days! Its filled with either friends working busily who aren’t allowed to log in during work time, or other working friends/seniors working with status ‘dnd’, or with junior friends back in college, chatting with who would only make me more nostalgic and conscious of me growing older!

I got an sms fwd recently “Life is tough. After all the hard work in life, what’s there in the end? Death? Is that fair at all? May be it should go all backwards. You should die first and get it out of the way. Then you live an old age. Next, you get a silver watch and go to work. You work for 40 years until you are young enough to enjoy your ‘retirement’. You get doped, booze, party, and after all these, you get ready for High School then comes the Primary and you become a kid. You play and jump around, no pressure, no worries, no sadness, and no madness. Later, you become a toddler and finally you go back into the womb and spend your last 9 months floating in amniotic fluid and finally finish of as chromosomes.”

Wow! What a prospect! This is why I love fantasies n fictions. People there never seem to grow older than the right age! Well… whatever! I guess- some things are not under my control.


  1. Lovely thought! I completely agree with the gtalk thing you've mentioned. Its very true. I sometimes I feel people who are always on dnd status should never log in. What say?

    Thanks for visiting my blog... I have one more blog to visit everyday now :)

  2. Hey Archana. I did not know u r so gud at philosophy. But i do agree wid ur writings

  3. Aaaaggghhhh !!!!

    U are scaring me !!!!

    I realised that Im growing older when the neighbours' kid called me 'uncle' !!! Boohooooo :(

  4. @ varun: well.. i know. it iss irritating 2 find tat. tats y i kinda make it a point todefinitely disturb those ppl wid a dnd status. kinda sadistic. i know. i still njoyit to.:P

    @srikanth: he he.. well. philosophy is like a yawn(which comes automatically wen deprived of oxygen/sleep.). i know.. plz dont kick me for tat!! thnx naways.

    @ vimmuuu: i got frit outta bounds wen a kido called me an antya few days back!! i wanted murder tat child then n there n wanted to suicide!! i simply looked at tat kido n told patiently yet firmly - i m 'akka' not 'anty'.. n thus scared tat child in return... :P

  5. hehehe...thats what i do too...infact, I had written a similar artcile long long ago (ahem! last year)....pls do check it out and lemme know...

  6. I know exactly what you mean!! I feel soooo old after I turned 24 last week..!!! :(